• Marmar33


    July 30, 2012 by Marmar33

    Ok, so I'm really new to this, and this is my first blog, but I would like to make it on my feelings about Fluttershy.

    Now I understand that many of you pony-lovers see Fluttershy as the best, and your favorite, but something about this pony makes me not like her at all.

    (P.S. To all people who like Fluttershy please don't take any offence to what I'm saying, I'm just sharing my opinion)

    1. I know this is probably a big effect on why I don't like Fluttershy, it shouldn't be, but it is. I watched the .mov videos (if you haven't heard of it it is a spoof of my little pony on youtube) and in she is.. crazy. The way she acts in this video just totally changes my perspective on her.
    2. In the actuall show she is a door mat. Even if she did takeā€¦
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