1. The members of the opposite gender of particular creatures whoose members are either male and female but not both (Alicorns, Draconequi, Dragons.)

This one might seem minor to you but the show's starting to get a bit repetitive introducing female alicorns and male dragons, like it's their only genders. Introducing female dragons could give us more information on the species and the differences between males and females such as their behavior towards ponies. Are they mean or nice? Introducing male alicorns could support the theory that alicorns were once a species/group/civilization instead of the result of female ponies' ascension into "alicornhood."

2. More information on the alicorns.

Alicorns are some of the most mysterious species on the show along with draconequi, so why not devote some time into explaining their goals, origins and presumably, near extinction little by little? There's speculation that the alicorns were a civilization, which was not from the ponies' world, that possesed technology more advanced then the horses, griffons, zebras and ponies. The alicorns could also be the true antagonists of the show, responsible for the major villains. After all, the magic Sombra used was called alicorn magic and the real life Assyrians depict them as creatures of evil and destruction. Who knows?

3. Episodes taking place in nations outside of Equestria.

As stated on Equestria Daily, we've seen what most of Equestria has to offer, so why not have episodes where the Main characters travel to the other "civilization" species' countries? Maretonia, Saddle Arabia, the Griffon and Zebra countries. All of those would satisfy us as we get to know the diverse cultures of those nations. Take a look at Japan, France and Ethiopia. All of the countries have cultures significantly distinct from Americans so the countries in the ponies' world should be no different.

4. An episode focusing on Princess Cadance, King Sombra and The Crystal Empire. I realize this contradicts 3, but there needs to be an episode focusing on the origins of the The Crystal Empire, Cadance and Sombra, especially Sombra. Those things haven't been the focus of anything since the Season 3 premiere.

And here are some minor things:

  • A Rainbow Dash song (her voice actress is a good singer.)
  • A Spike episode written by Megan Mcarthy (I'd like to see what she'd do.)
  • An episode where Luna enters Applebloom's dream.

So what does everyone think? Do you like or dislike any of these ideas?