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  • My occupation is Game playing moron,Neighborhood philosopher and future activist
  • I am A dude a big ass dude, or a country gentleman, or a viking
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    January 7, 2012 by Master Green Cat

    Hi guys,you know what a Kirin/Quilin is? well... a Kirin(in Japanese) or Quilin(Chinese) is the hybrid of a horse and a dragon(im not making this out its true, they were mitological creatures that use to live in asia, well thats the story)

    So after thinking for hours i said to mah self, wut if they apear in MLP? think of Spike and Rarity having a baby, how it would look like? well the answer is a Kirin/Quilin.

    Now if we have 3 types of ponies then we could have 3 types of hybrids, after quick investigation came up whit this blog post to ask wut kind hybrid you would like.

    Earth Quilin,strong as the earth ponie and spits fire like dragons(cant fly cant do magic)

    Sky Quilin,can fly and walk on clouds(cant spit fire cant do magic)

    Kirin, this ones…

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  • Master Green Cat

    Favorite pony type

    November 19, 2011 by Master Green Cat

    Hello guys i hope your doing fine today couse i want to ask, wich is you favorite pony type?...I mean we have Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth ponys, so wich is you favorite type?

    I like Earth ponys i believe they are more inportant(i know that all the ponys do something special) becouse they grow the food they take care of plants and land, and they are really strong, so i prefer the Earth pony way.

    Now you tell but i think must of the people is going to say pegasi couse they can FLYYY!!!...yea like if that gives you money or a house or food(i like pegasi but there are more things in this life apart from flying) and no one has tell me they like Unicorns...why?

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  • Master Green Cat

    MLP short series

    November 6, 2011 by Master Green Cat

    Hello this is MGC again, now i will like to talk about a Short series for MLP.

    You see... we all love the background ponys they are awesome, so i was thinking wut if they made a short series for the other ponys, or a web only series.In this case all ponys would have the atention they need.

    I will like to see a side story for mah favorite background charecters Derpy Hooves,Lyra,Bon Bon,Carrot top, Berry Punch,Colgate,Raindrops,Sparkler and Lightning bolt.This girls need more LOVE in mah opinion.

    O yea... and a special episode for Dr.hooves, is too much asking?... i dont think so.

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  • Master Green Cat

    Forget this blog post is useless now, that i made a bunch of OCs, but you can still comment

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  • Master Green Cat

    My Little Rockers

    September 25, 2011 by Master Green Cat

    How awesome it would be if the main six made a Rock Band... I know you must be like wut the heck is he talking about, but it wouldnt be awesome? ofcourse its awesome.

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