Hi guys,you know what a Kirin/Quilin is? well... a Kirin(in Japanese) or Quilin(Chinese) is the hybrid of a horse and a dragon(im not making this out its true, they were mitological creatures that use to live in asia, well thats the story)

So after thinking for hours i said to mah self, wut if they apear in MLP? think of Spike and Rarity having a baby, how it would look like? well the answer is a Kirin/Quilin.

Now if we have 3 types of ponies then we could have 3 types of hybrids, after quick investigation came up whit this blog post to ask wut kind hybrid you would like.

Earth Quilin,strong as the earth ponie and spits fire like dragons(cant fly cant do magic)

Sky Quilin,can fly and walk on clouds(cant spit fire cant do magic)

Kirin, this ones are more Unicorn like(cant fly cant spit fire)

So there you go an awesome creature that should be in MLP, now tell me wut do you guys think?, also not all of this hybrids are the result of a pony and a dragon, this creatures could be in other land next to Equestria were they live whit others of the same race, and i think most of the hybrids couldnt live as long as the this is awesome!!!