I enjoyed the episode Bloom and Gloom but if I wrote the episode I would change alot. Here's my version of the episode.

The epsiode goes normally until Applebloom wakes up. Instead of it being a dream she wakes up in real life with her new cutie mark. Her talent will be potion making because I honestly think that fits Applebloom. Then just like in the actual epsiode she gets kicked out of the CMC. Then when she heads into the forest and meets Starlight Glimmer. After being told about cutie mark removal Applebloom accepts the deal and her cutie mark is removed. Applebloom comes back to Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack notices that she has been acting very dull and gloomy recently and asks Applebloom whats going on. She tells Applejack all about Starlight Glimmmer and the cutie mark removal. Applejack recognises Starlight Glimmer and runs off to tell the Mane 6. Everyone tries to track down Starlight Glimmer and eventually they find her hideout. When they find the hideout Starlight Glimmer escapes but leaves behind a jar with Appleblooms cutie mark and a note taunting the Mane 6 and all of Ponyville telling them that they should be afraid and that she'll come back. So it ends with Applebloom getting her Cutie Mark back and of course the rest of the CMC will get their's later on in the season.