Recently I read Fiendship is Magic 3: The Sirens and it confused me. It was not as good as the last two and ruined my favorite villains. First my main issue with it, the scene were Sonata is chewing gum then it pops and they are inspired to do pop music is one of the dumbest scenes in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I've noticed that anything about Equestria Girls will ussually have an dumb or awkward moment in it. For both of the movies it was every Flash Sentry scene. The toys are the worst products Hasbro has made other than the easybake oven. And of course the Bubblegum scene. How did Bubblegum even exist back then? 

Also when Starswirl takes the sirens to the human world they look the same as they did in Rainbow Rocks which is set about 1000 years later. Also when they land in the street it looks very modern for 1000 years in the past. I personally think Starswirl also took them foward in time when they went through the portal.