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Begin Chapter 29

Snowdrop stays perched on my back the entire trip to my tent. She makes what sounds like a cross between excited squeak to terrified squeals. It’s really hard to tell if she’s happy or absolutely terrified. After limping across the camp for about fifteen minutes. I can see my tent on the edge of the camp. I sigh. This trip used to only take a few minutes. My legs were too badly damaged by fall to be healed by any amount of magic. Walking without my lurching gait may never be a reality for me ever again. I look at the blinded filly on my back and sigh. Maybe the reason I took Snowdrop under my wing is because I see myself in her. Severely damaged, trying to make their way through the veil of tears that is the world today. The similarities between myself and Snowdrop are uncanny, to say the least.

I make my way through the flaps that are the makeshift doorway to my living quarters. I look around the modest living space and sigh. I wish I was home, or at least at my old home. Not the home I have in Canterlot. No, the home I had when I was just a little colt. The home that I grew up in. The home where I learned and grew up into what I am today. I want to see the sunrise in the dark blue skies of dawn over Grieta. I want to be there, with my parents, running through fields of wildflowers and whispering blades of grass. Listening to the winds blow through the plants, feeling it against my skin, cooling me. It was always one of my favorite sensations, but now it’s gone. I’ll never run through those fields ever again. They burned, long ago.

I shake my head to clear the thoughts. I’ve grown old before my time. I feel the weight of years of being a renegade on my already weak shoulders. Keepers cannot age physically, but mentally is a different story. Even Keepers of Light are eventually driven mad by their eternal life eventually. Usually, that doesn’t happen as Keepers of Light and Darkness are usually killed only a few short decades after being born. I may have reached my fortieth year, and some may call that young, but I am one of the oldest Keepers of Darkness ever. It blows my mind sometimes. The average Keeper of Darkness lives about thirty-five years. This is caused by them usually being evil dictators and serial killers. They are either overthrown and killed, or sentenced to death by authorities. I fear that for my crimes, I will suffer the same fate, no matter what I do. My crimes will catch up with me, someday, I know it.

I look over my shoulder at Snowdrop again. I should concentrate on what’s important right now. Getting this miserable looking filly cleaned up. I look around my quarters and spot a small towelette. It’s not much, but it is something. I levitate the cloth over to me and begin wiping the mud and grime off of the filly’s face, wings, and body. She is absolutely caked in the stuff. After a decent amount of toil, I finally have the filly looking her original color again. A very light bluish-white. It’s a rather strange color to describe actually. Snowdrop sat patiently the entire cleaning process and stays sitting long after I’ve finished. I walk over to my dank cot and look at the small wooden nightstand I was provided next to the bed. They say you’re allowed to put any possessions you may have brought with you in the drawers of this small wooden bureau. I didn’t really bring anything from my home, but one thick, leather bound book. On the cover are the words, “Holy Bible.” I sigh and begin to reminisce about the day I received that book…

It was a sunny Tuesday, or maybe it was a Wednesday. I can’t remember to save my life. I had just gotten into a massive argument with Bluelighting the day before. I was sitting in my room, still boiling with anger when suddenly, I heard a knocking at my door. I jolted in surprise and quickly scampered off my bed. I made my way down the stairs of my home and rushed to the front door. When I opened up the door, there wasn’t a soul in sight. I scanned the entire area around my house. When I saw nothing I begin to head back in, until something caught my eye. Laying on my doorstep was the same black, leather-bound book. Wrapped around the book was a golden chain. Upon closer inspection, the chain had a small, golden cross hanging from it. I was completely baffled by the entire thing. Well, I was until I opened the book to the front cover. Inscribed on the inside of the front cover was a note from Blue. It read: “Dear Silverheart,

“I know you aren’t the most religious of ponies, but I thought that maybe you could just give it a try. For me. Maybe you’ll find out that the Christian faith isn’t as bad as you always say it is. Give this old Bible a read, okay? There’s a lot of good material in these yellowed pages. All you have to do is open your eyes, and look.

With love,


I took the book back into my house, and gave it very little thought at first. Eventually, Blue’s words got to me and I began reading it. I read all the books Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Judges. The Old Testament and the New. From Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelations 21:21. I read it all, over and over again. I toiled over that book so much that I memorized the entire thing. The entire Bible, was in my head. Well, most of it anyway…

I am suddenly jolted from my memories from the squeaky voice of Snowdrop. “Mister Prodigy, sir. Can I have something to eat?”

I turn around and look at Snowdrop. I laugh softly. “Of course you can, Snowdrop.” I walk over to a small basket I keep on my table of maps and pluck out the reddest apple of the bunch. I walk back over to Snowdrop and hand it to her. “There you are, little one.”

Snowdrop lets out a soft squeak of excitement. “Thank you!” She takes a massive bite from the apple for one so small and says with a full mouth, “Thisbt ‘s ‘eally ‘ood.”

I laugh. Out loud this time. “Maybe you should try to chew your food before speaking.”

Snowdrop nods vigorously and then proceed to chew the bite of fruit with great care. Finally, she swallows. She looks up at me with those clouded eyes of hers, as if she knows that I am standing in front of her. It’s slightly unsettling, but I banish the thought from my mind. “Thank you, Mister Prodigy!” she says in that adorable, high pitched voice of hers, “You’re a really great friend, you know that?”

The word ‘friend’ hits me right in the gut. “I-I’m your friend?” I try my best to keep my voice from wavering, but I fail miserably. “Of course you are, Mister Prodigy. I like to think of everyone as my friend! I don’t want anyone to feel left out.”

The very thought that even a tiny, blind filly would call me her friend strikes a nerve. I try my best to choke back tears. “I-I haven’t had friends for a long time.”

“Why is that, Mister Prodigy?”

“I-I guess I just wasn’t the most friendly person. I never really thought friendship was important until now.”

“What? How could you think like that, Mister Prodigy. Everyone has to have friends! Without them, life would be rather boring and dull. You would have no one to laugh with if you heard a funny joke. You would have no one to tell your feelings to if you have had them hurt. Without a friend, your life would be way worse. Friends are essential.”

I look down at the miniscule filly. I can’t believe how smart she is, despite her apparent young age. She seems so innocent, yet she seems to have this whole ‘life’ thing figured out pretty well. Even with her being blind and all. It makes me think. If Snowdrop, a filly blind since birth, can find a way to blaze through life, why can’t I? “Thank you, Snowdrop. Your words have touched my heart.”

“I’m not quite sure what that means, but you’re welcome!”

I nod. “Come on, Snowdrop. Let’s go watch the Solars leave,” I then realize that maybe I shouldn’t have said the word ‘watch.’ “Er, I mean…”

“Don’t worry, Mister Prodigy. Ponies do that all the time. It was an honest mistake. Now, come on. We don’t want to miss the Solars leaving, do we?” “Of course not. Just follow me.”

I limp back over to the entrance. This time, the trek seems easier. I don’t know why, but the pain in my legs had dulled, if only a little. Snowdrop walks directly to my side, almost walking on top of my own legs. She then stops and looks up at me once again with those sightless irises. “Why do you walk with a limp, Mister Prodigy?”

I balk. How had she known that I was walking with a limp? Maybe it was the way my legs hit the ground unevenly. Yes, that must have been it. “Well, Snowdrop. I was in an accident.”

“What kind of accident?”

“I fell. A very far ways. When I hit the ground, I had hurt all four of my legs very badly.”

My mind wanders back to the screaming pain of my broken bones and torn flesh. The nausea inducing burning in every inch of my body. The terror, the pain, the gore, it’s all too fresh in my mind still. My brief explanation is a gross understatement of what actually happened.

Snowdrop looks puzzled once again. “Why did you fall? Did someone push you off?”

I bite my lower lip. Like most foals, she is very curious. I decide to answer rather than leaving her hanging. “Yes, you could say that someone pushed me. That person is very mean. But I assure you, she can’t hurt you here.”

“Oh...Well, I’m glad the meanie that pushed you off the ledge can’t come here. And even if he did, I would help you fight him.”

I chuckle, “Thanks Snowdrop. That means a lot to me.”

Snowdrop just nods and continues walking again. “Come on, Mister Prodigy. I thought you wanted to see the Solars leave.”

I get my legs moving again, and I quickly catch back up to Snowdrop. I look down at the little filly and sigh. If this is how all foals end up, it was a damn shame that I never had any children of my own. I might not have been that great of a father anyway. Scratch that, I would have been an awful father. A remorseless murderer isn’t really the perfect example of a father who is good at his job. Maybe if I hadn’t come across these knives, or if Discord hadn’t ruined my life forever. I always dreamed of starting a family in Grieta. Always dreamed about finding the right mare, and settling down. Maybe even Blue…

‘No, don’t even think about her. She’s gone. She’s not the Blue that you grew up with. The old Blue always hated being forced to kill or harm others. She’s lost her mind.’

A pessimistic part of me realizes that I was the same way just over a year ago. I shake my head to clear the thoughts. ‘But, I’m in a better place now! I redeemed myself!’

A whisper slashes through my mind. ‘Too late…too late to change...People don’t change...’

I ignore the whisper and continue to trot to the pile of rubble at the entrance of the camp. The wall took months to build up, and it was destroyed in minutes. I guide Snowdrop up the pile of rubble, and soon join her on top of the heap. I look out and what seems like a river of ponies, all streaming towards the camp of the Lunars. I hear the popping noises of gunfire. The fighting has already started. Then, I hear a blood-curdling scream that chills me down to the bone. A scream of pure anguish and terror. Maybe it’s a scream of agony and pain. The scream is cut off by another ‘pop.’ Whomever it was, their suffering has been ended. Snowdrop’s ears prick at every tiny sound. She can’t see, but her ears are impeccable. They pick up even the smallest sound. She then turns to me. “Mister Prodigy, I smell something yucky.”

“Something yucky? What is it?”

“I don’t know, but it smells like rotting fruit. Except a lot more...yucky.”

I sigh inwardly. Someone so innocent and so young wouldn’t know what the smell of death is. That is what she is smelling. “It’s just some rotted fruit that someone forgot to throw out a few weeks ago. I’ll tell them to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Now come on, Snowdrop. Let’s play a game.”

“A game? What kind of game?”

“A game I just created. It’s called ‘Chase the…’”

I pause, looking around the camp for something she can chase. My eyes lay on a small, round rock, wedged in the mud. I levitate it over to Snowdrop. “ ‘Chase the Rock!’”

“‘Chase the Rock? That sounds like another game I used to play! Let’s play it.”

“All right. I’ll toss the rock a little ways, and you have to listen and see if you can hear where it falls. Okay?”

“Okay! Let’s start.”

I let out a small grunt of agreement and I levitate the rock. I toss it up into the air, in a fairly steep arc. I don’t want the rock going too far. It hits the ground with a thump. Snowdrop’s ears prick at the sound and she’s off very quickly. She tracks down the rock quickly. She almost trips over it, but she does find it. She leans down and picks it up in her mouth. I shake my head is disapproval and laugh. “Snowdrop, don’t pick it up in your mouth. It’s not sanitary.”

Snowdrop just giggles and drop the rock back onto the ground. She then proceed to kick it and it goes skipping off in another direction. She barrels after it, galloping at top speed. She keeps tracking down the rock, then kicking it, and then chasing it again. It’s a rather monotonous game, if you ask me, but Snowdrop is having an absolute ball. I drift after her, making sure she doesn’t get into the armory, or any other dangerous place. I see that she’s getting fairly close to the bushes that ring the interior of the camp’s walls. I’m about to call her back, but I dismiss the thought. She doesn’t need to be looked after. She can’t get through this world pretty well, despite being blind. She chases the rock over to the shrubs and picks it up in her hooves again. She’s about to kick it again, when the bush she’s standing next to quivers slightly. She immediately loses interest in the rock and walks closer to the bush. The shaking of the bush also jumpstarts me, and I’m on my feet in seconds, despite the pain it causes me. “Snowdrop, stay away from that bush. There might be a wild animal in there.”

Snowdrop turns around and, once again, seems to look at me with those broken eyes. “It’s fine, Mister Prodigy. I can handle myself!”

“Snowdrop, come on. Get away from those bushes.”

Snowdrop opens her mouth to reply again, but she is cut off when the bush shakes violently. I see a flash of blue behind the bush and terror floods through me. “Snowdrop! GET AWAY-!”

I can’t spit out the rest of the warning in time. All I see is a flash of blue, and before I know it, Bluelighting has Snowdrop by the hair, and is holding a knife against her neck. “Good evening, Prodigy. How are you doing today?”

Before I can reply, Snowdrop pipes up. “Blue? Is that you? Why is there a piece of metal against my neck?”

“Quiet!” She digs the knife deeper into her neck, causing a thin stream of blood well up behind the knife. Snowdrop lets out a yelp of pain.

“Bluelighting! Let her go! She’s innocent!”

“No, Prodigy. This is war! There is no time for rules and morals! Only the strongest are fit to survive! I’m doing you a favor by killing this runt of a filly!”

Snowdrop is crying now. “Wh-what are you doing? I-it hurts! Stop, please!”

“NO! I will never stop! Not now, not never! You can’t stop me, and neither can Prodigy!”

Snowdrop is sobbing uncontrollably now. “Mis-mister Prodigy! Save-save me! Please! Save me!”

I pull out my twin daggers, still coated in the blood of those who met the wrong side of them in the past. Bluelighting just laughs. “HA! You think you can best me? You’re a gimp! An invalid! You can’t possibly best me in combat!”

“Want to bet on that?”

“Of course! I know I’m going to win, so why wouldn’t I bet on it?”

She cackles hysterically and draws her second dagger and points it straight at me. “Come on, pretty boy! Show me what you got!”

I let out a scream of rage and knock her dagger out of the air. “Let her go!”

“As you wish.”

Before I can even react, Bluelighting flicks her horn with a flourish and the blade slides against Snowdrop’s throat. Blood gushes from the gash, spraying onto the brown dirt. “NO!”

Bluelighting just laughs and releases Snowdrop from her grip. Snowdrop crumples to the ground and I rush forward to catch her before she slams into the ground. Blue is still laughing when she says: “I told you that I would free her. There I freed her!”

She cackles again and I feel the rage building inside of me. “She was an innocent child! She did nothing wrong!”

“Do you think that I care? No! I don’t care about a single person on this Godforsaken rock. You could all die, and I wouldn’t care.”

I flip Snowdrop over, and inspect the wound. Blood flows from it like a waterfall. Blood bubbles at Snowdrop’s mouth, but she still manages to spit out her final words. “Mister...Prodigy? Is...there...a Heaven?”

I choke back tears. “Yes, Snowdrop. There’s most certainly a Heaven. Ponies that are good are always sent there. They get to frolic in the clouds and no longer feel any pain. All the scars they received disappear and their bodies grow young again. It’s a truly amazing place.”

“A-and...Will I again?”

I’m crying now, the tears fall on Snowdrop’s broken form like rain. “Y-yes, Snowdrop. Your sight will be healed. You’ll get to see Paradise and all its sp-splendor. You’ll get to see it all.”

Snowdrop coughs up more blood, her breath rattles in her chest and comes fast and shallow. “I-it sounds...amazing...I’ll...I’ll...wait…”

“Th-thank you, Snowdrop. Thank you,” I let out a racking sob as the filly’s life blood pours onto my coat.

“Mis-mister Prodigy?” “Yes, Snowdrop.”

“Th-th-thank you...for th-the ap-apple…”

She exhales one last time, and breathes no more. Her eyes seems to look at something over my shoulder. A sob forces its way out of my throat, erupting loudly from my maw. I reach out and close her eyes with my hoof. Now, she looks like she’s sleeping. She finally got some rest. “Now go, Snowdrop. Walk with angels.”

I look up and I see that Blue has left. She must have fled the scene when I was dealing with Snowdrop. I look down at the tiny filly, her slowly cooling body still in my grasp. My throat burns and my eyes are soaked in tears. She was far too young to die in such a way. Too young to die, period. I look up to the heavens. “Why did you take her away from me!? What did she do to deserve such a fate!? Why did you kill her!?”

I hear a faint voice blowing in the wind. Sea’s voice, replying to my angry queries. “Some things are out of our control…”

I just stay rooted in place. Still holding Snowdrop’s cold, dead body, the scent of death wafts off of her. The rage is still building inside of me, and finally it finds its release. I scream into the air. “Bluelighting! I will kill you! I will gash your throat and let your blood spill out like rain from clouds! I will not rest until you have been slain! Watch your back, Bluelighting! I am coming for you!”

I finally stand up, still holding Snowdrop. I can still hear the faint sound of gunfire off in the distance. War, it’s just a massive waste of life. There is no purpose for it, just to kill each other in ruthless ways. No one wins in war, and this war is no exception. When the final bullet has been fired, and the last body falls, who wins? Not the Solars, not the Lunars, not anyone. No one wins in war.

I walk back to my tent, Snowdrop draped over my back. Thunder rumbles in the sky. I look up and see dark thunderheads beginning to roll over the area. Rain begins to fall, as if the angels are crying. Crying for Snowdrop, crying at the deaths of the thousands that have been slain. Crying because of the sorry state of the world and humanity. Crying because of our own fickleness and slaughter of each other. Tears still stream from the ducts in my eyes. I join the angels in their misery, sobbing along with them.

I reach my tent and quickly duck inside. I pull out two small sticks I keep stored next to my bed. I pull out some twine and tie the two sticks together tightly, making a cross. I pick up the shovel that leans against my cot and walk back out of the tent. When I walk back out, the rain comes fast and heavy. The misery of the angels has only increased. I plod through the downpour, soaking myself to the bone. I trot until I come across the grove of wooden crosses outside of the camp. Mud covers the field of thousands of graves. I dug them all, every last one. I make my way over to a blank space in the plot and begin to dig. My shovel goes through the dirt like a hot knife through butter. It takes no time at all for me to dig a grave six feet deep. I’m freezing, covered in mud, and the hot bullet of guilt has worked its way to my heart. This was the final blow, this pushes me over the edge. I wrap Snowdrop in a blanket I had also grabbed from my tent and slowly set her in the grave. I climb out and begin to cover her cold body up with even colder dirt. Every shovel full of dirt grows heavier. By the time I’ve put the last mound of dirt on the grave, the shovel of dirt weighs over a ton.

I set the shovel in the dirt and let out a gusty sigh. I begin murmuring a prayer under my breath, like every last burial I had performed. The ceremony has grown stale to me, and every time I do it, I only feel more guilty. This burial is worst than most, guilt burning deep in my chest. ‘If only I had been faster. She would still be alive. She would have still been happy.’

I stand there, just looking at the grave. Thoughts racing through my head, rain pouring down on my head. A war going on that only leads to senseless death after senseless death. I’m sickened by it all. And the angels just keep crying.

End Chapter 29


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