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Begin Chapter 30

(Tia's POV)

I hear Luna speak the words. Blue isn’t here. She’s in out camp. The words rake down my spine, chilling me. The camp is virtually unguarded, the only fighter left there is the badly wounded Prodigy. He may be a good fighter at peak physical form, but because of his limp, he might not even hold a candle to Blue’s ferocity. Guildmaster reels back slightly as Luna finishes speaking, allowing my treacherous sister to rise. “I had anticipated your attack. I knew that my army would fail against another Solar attack. So, I sent her to destroy your supplies. I want to go down fighting.”

“What purpose would that serve!” Guildmaster’s voice sounds strained as he questions Luna’s motives. “You knew that you had lost, destroying our supplies gets you nowhere if your entire army is defeated right here and now.”

“No, I want to watch the Solars starve to death. I want to watch you go out with a whimper instead of a bang. I may not be able to defeat you today, but within a fortnight, all of your soldiers will have keeled over from starvation. Dying in immense pain, their guts burning with a need for sustenance that they will never receive. So go ahead and kill me and my entire army, you’ll all die anyway.”

I look at my sister. No, she is no longer my sister. She is a monster inside of my sister’s body. This is even worse than the Nightmare Moon transformation. I see my sister standing before me, only a shadow of her former self. Her soul and morals have been clouded with malice and spite. She let this happen to her. Her own greed did this to her. I know what I must do. The only way to end the war, is to destroy its catalyst. Luna is the catalyst, and my blade is the panacea. All I have to do is best her in battle. That’s all I have to do.

I look at Grovyle, his eyes meeting mine. He nods in agreement and backs away from Luna, allowing me access to her. I can feel the rage building in my chest. My sister has betrayed be for the last time. Banishing to the Moon didn’t work last time. This time I need a more permanent solution. I can feel flames begin to erupt from the corners of my eyes as my anger builds. I can see Luna begin to reel back. “S-sister, do you ch-challenge me to a duel?”

I can hear the terror in her voice, the fear. She’s afraid of me. My rage is soon rapidly replaced with another emotion. One that I did not expect to experience: compassion. My sister, the sister that I grew up with over two thousand years ago. The sister that grew up with me in the old royal castle, listening to stories from our mother, Selene. Taking timberwolf rides on Helios’s back, our father. I can still see Luna’s diminutive form, clinging for dear life on the back of our father’s massive frame. Her voice squealing with laughter and her eyes widened.

I remember when Discord began his reign. He went after our parents first. He slaughtered them while we watched. He then took the throne and threw the land into Chaos. We eventually overthrew him, but it took years. After our parents brutal murder, Luna was never the same. She grew more and more distant, slowly isolating herself from me. She finally completely shut me out. It was about a week before the Nightmare Moon incident. Oh, if I had only seen it earlier.

Luna’s voice sounds again, snapping me out of my memories. “Well sister? Do you challenge me to a duel, or are you to cowardly to go through with it?”

I look up at my sister again. I still see the tiny filly, riding on my father’s back. I still see her, but she is buried under over two thousand years of stress, jealousy, and hate. Only a fraction of her former self. I don’t know what my next move should be. To strike her down, or to try and convince her to rethink. I choose the latter. “Luna, you don’t know what you’re doing. Stop this madness at once.”

Luna just scoffs and swings her blade angrily at nothing. “Stop? Never! I will not stop before my greatest victory has reached completion. You will have to kill me before I stop, and I doubt that you will ever be able to muster up the willpower to kill your own sister. Unfortunately for you, I have nothing to lose. Not prepare to meet the wrath of the Night!”

Luna bull-rushes me, her sword at the ready. I barely have the time to raise my own sword and parry the teeth-rattling strike. My blade is sent skidding across the grass. I look at the blade, now about fifty feet away from me. I turn back and see Luna’s blade hovering in the center of my vision. “Now, time to die, Celestia. Greet Mother and Father for me.”

She pulls back her blade, I instinctively wince and close my eyes, waiting for Death to take me. The strike never comes. I hear the sound of metal striking metal. I open my eyes and see Guildmaster has blocked Luna’s killing blow. “Back away from my princess, you monster. You will not harm her!”

Luna’s eyes widen in surprise as Guildmaster launches a furious counter measure. His strikes come quick, accurate, and hard. The attack seems like a frenzy, but he seems to be in control of his strikes and emotion the entire time. Even when in a rage, Guildmaster still strikes expertly. He doesn’t make foolish moves or swing wildly. He still appears to be thoughtful of each and every strike. It’s quite the spectacle. Luna can barely fend off the merciless pummeling. She finally fails to parry Guildmaster’s strike and receives maximum punishment for it. The strike leaves a long cut down the side of her face. Before she can regain composure, Guildmaster slams the hilts of his blade in Luna’s face. She stumbles back after receiving the vicious blow. Guildmaster takes the flat of his blade and takes Luna’s legs out from under her. Luna crashes to the ground. A sharp breath is forced from her chest after the impact. Guildmaster draws one of his flintlocks and aims it at Luna’s head. He looks up at me. “Well, Celestia. She’s your sister. Do you want me to do it?”

I balk. I don’t know how to respond such a question. If I say yes, all of our problems will finally be over. The war, the strife, all disappearing with a single jerk of a trigger. If I say no, then the war will continue, unremitting. I can’t let this war drag on any farther, I just can’t, but some part of me is to weak to say yes. I open my mouth and no words come out. Grovyle continues to look at me. “Well? What do you want me to do Celestia?”

“Don’t kill her.”

“What!? What do you mean don’t kill her? She needs to die! If she’s gone, the Lunars will crumble. We’ll win the war!” He lays the barrel of his firearm on Luna’s head.

“One shot. That’s all it would take to kill this traitor. Just let me pull the trigger, Celestia.”

“No, Grovyle. She’s my sister.”

“She betrayed you! What sister would do that?”

Grovyle’s right. I know he’s right. But when I look into my sister’s pleading eyes, I am once again reminded of the innocent foal she once was. I can’t kill her. I can’t and neither can Grovyle. Neither of us can be her executioner. “Grovyle, spare her. That’s an order.”

Grovyle lets loose a sound that is somewhere between a gag and a scoff. He is obviously not pleased with my judgement, but I don’t care. My sister doesn’t deserve to die. Grovyle removes the barrel of his pistol from Luna’s head and walks back. I begin to make my way over to my sister. Before I can reach her, she springs up. “You are a fool, sister! You have just sealed your doom!”

Luna disappears in a blinding flash of white light. I blink the spots out of my eyes and I see that myself, Grovyle, and my entire army have been teleported outside of the Lunar camp. Grovyle stands, “What in Celestia’s name just happened?”

A voice pipes up from the crowd. “We’ve been teleported out of the camp! We must get back to their camp and continue the battle.”

The word is out of my mouth before I can even second guess myself. “No.”

My entire army looks at me. Candlekeeper walks up to me. “No? What do you mean ‘no?’ They were about to surrender. We had them beat. Why not go back in there and finish this war, once and for all?”

“Because, they were not about to surrender, Candle. The Lunars would rather die than be forced to give up. They would continue to fight us until we gave up, or they had all been slain. We were growing tired, this sudden teleport may have been a blessing in disguise.”

Grovyle glares at me. “A blessing! They were about finished! No, we are finishing this battle now! Solars, form ranks!”

A few Solars stay rooted in place, while others begin to swiftly form lines. Grovyle barks at those that have stayed in place. “What are you doing!? I said form ranks!” One of the rebellious soldiers pipes up. “We only listen to Celestia...She outranks you!”

I see Guildmaster’s face turn into a snarl. He draws one of his pistols and marches up to the soldier. The soldier isn’t even paying attention to the obviously furious Guildmaster. Grovyle reaches the stallion and proceeds to take his pistol and swing it in a wide arc. The pistol connects with the stallion’s head with a crushing force, putting the rebel on the ground. The blow isn’t quite enough to knock him unconscious, but it might have been enough to give the poor stallion a concussion. Grovyle immediately digs the pistol into the side of the soldier’s skull. “Tell me again. Tell me again that Celestia outranks me. Tell me again that my orders mean nothing to you. Go on, tell me.”

The soldier looks up with glassy eyes. He still curls his mouth in defiance. “Celestia always will outrank you, as I’ve said before.”

I finally decide to pipe up. “Stop this! Stop this at once, Grovyle.”

Grovyle glares at me. “No, I will not stop this, and once I’ve finished dealing with this soldier, I will slay all those that dare oppose me.”

“No you will not! Stop this, now!”

Grovyle turns back to the stallion. “You just uttered the wrong answer.”

Grovyle jerks the trigger, and the air is filled with the sound of thunder. The soldier’s head hits the ground, he was dead in an instant. The shout rises from chest and erupts from my maw. “What have you done!?”

“I quelled the resistance. Now, it’s time to slay the matriarch of this mutiny.”

“What do you mean?”

Grovyle just stares at me, his sword gleaming in the afternoon sun. Malice glitters in his eyes. “I’m tired of you undermining our operation. You have crippled your own army. You show too much compassion in a time of war. You are useless piece in this machine of war. And useless pieces must be destroyed!”

I stumble backwards, trying to get away from my aggressive former ally. “Grovyle! Stop this, you don’t know what you’re doing!”

Grovyle just chuckles. His laughter dripping with harshness and hatred. “I know exactly what I’m doing, Celestia. And once I destroy you, I will finally be able to lead this faction without you getting in my way all of the time. Now, I shall let the hill run red with your blood.”

He advances quickly, reaching my position quite quickly. I back away, trying to get away, but I trip over my own hooves. I fall back on my haunches involuntarily. I try to get back up, but Grovyle lashes out with his sword. I fall flat on the ground to avoid the fatal blow. Tears begin to well in my eyes. “Grovyle! Stop, please!”

There is no caring, no compassion left in his eyes. They remain emotionless, boring into me. He is standing over me now, the point of his sword digs into my throat, partially blocking my windpipe. “Time to die, coward.”

“Grovyle...have mercy…”

“’ve led for too long. It’s time for me to take over. Their can only be one leader, and that is me.”

I look through the crowd of staring bystanders, I’m looking for Candlekeeper. I can’t find him, he isn’t coming to my aide. Then, I see a bloody mess on the grass. I choke back yet another wave of tears, knowing that no one will save me from this terrible fate. I look back at Grovyle and prepare myself, preparing myself to meet the darkness.

Grovyle opens his mouth to speak again, but this time his voice sounds rather strange. It sounds sister’s voice. “There can only be one ruler in Equestria and that will be me! You pathetic, little cur, you. I shall end your wretched life and I shall revel when you vent out your last, putrid, dying breath! It shall be a glorious day for me and all of my soldiers!”

“L-Luna? Wh-what I don’t understand…”

“What? I am not Luna, I am Grovyle, your general! The one that has grown sick of your cowardly ways.”

“Then why is your voice that of Luna’s?”

“M-my voice…? No, that’s impossible. The nightmare should have kept you properly ensnared.” A voice from the crowd, this one belonging to the Candlekeeper sounds. “Wake up, Celestia! Wake up! Come on! Please!” I hear another, this one Grovyle’s “Come on Celestia! No sleeping on the job.” “This is a dream. A nightmare that you created. Isn’t that right, sister?” “No! This is real! This is your reality! When you die here, you will die...permanently!”

“All I have to do is…”


“...wake up.”

My eyes snaps open and I am immediately blinded by the brightness of my own sun, two black shape hover above me. Soon, my eyes adjust to the harsh light and I see that the shapes are Candlekeeper and Grovyle. Candlekeeper looks elated to see that I am now awake, but Grovyle just looks like...Grovyle.

“You’re awake!” Candlekeeper shouts. He appears to have been on the edge of tears,

“Thank Celestia that you are awake!”

“Well,” I rasp, “Then I guess I should be thanking myself,” I look around and see that we are still in the Lunar camp. “What’s going on? Have we defeated the Lunars?”

Grovyle shakes his head. “Not quite. We drove them all the way to the edge of their camp. They are putting up one last desperate, fierce frenzy, trying to hold onto the slim chance of victory. We haven’t been able to make any progress for...about three hours now.”

“Three hours! That’s how long I’ve been out?”

“Yes, we were really starting to worry,” Candle pipes up, “Luna escaped after she put you under. She’s with her army now, fighting us off. We know that there will be no victory until Luna has perished.”

I shakily rise. “Then it’s time for one more fight,” I levitate my sword and looks down at the glistening blade. “Luna will die today, and I shall slay her with this blade.”

“Are you sure Celestia? I could do it if you want.”

“No Grovyle. This is something that I have to do. Alone.”

Grovyle bows his head. “As you wish, my lady.”

I readjust the straps of my armor, my protective plating was knocked loose in my last altercation with Luna. “Lead me there, Grovyle. Lead me to the Lunars.”

Grovyle nods and silently turns around and begins cantering to the west edge of the camp. Candlekeeper soon begins to tail him, and I follow him. The three of us walk in a uniform line, staring dead ahead, icy stares dwell on our countenances. Nothing can faze us now. Not the mangled corpses littering the ground. Not the brutal torture techniques that were used. Not even the fact that Bluelighting is currently in our camp. None of that perturbs us. Nothing can flap us now.

We reach the edge of the camp swiftly, and we see the carnage that lays in front of us. The Lunars’ numbers have shrunk drastically, maybe only being in the hundreds now, but they are fighting viciously. And there is my sister, standing in the middle of it all, like a majestic eagle riding the storm of chaos and bloodshed. I steady my blade and shout in a booming voice that rolls through all the hills, all the mountains and all the valleys of Equestria. “Luna! Face me!”

Luna turns and stares me dead in the eyes...and she smiles. “Princess Celestia, my own sister. How nice of you to join us. Have you come to watch your pathetic Light Cavalry die?”

“No, I am here to finish this futile war once and for all.”

“Good luck with that, sister, because I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. So, come and get me.”

I let out a scream of rage and catapult over the Lunars with great deftness. Luna was obviously not prepared for me to strike so quickly as her smug quickly shifts to a expression of shock and terror. I strike her and we both tumble and fall through the whirling mass of bodies. Luna quickly recovers from her shock and draws her sword. She raises it to strike, but I knock it aside. “Yield!” I shout.

“Only until you do!”

Luna swipes again, this time going low. I parry the strike and soon send one of my own. She also deflect the blow. This continues for quite some time, constantly launching and striking blows. Ponies later told me that Luna and I fought for three hours. However long it took, the sun was setting, a job I had given to a few unicorns to perform in my stead. Luna had obviously done the same thing, as the moon began to rise in the east. Darkness began to roll across the land, spreading like tendrils of a vine. During this time of twilight, during the time of the dying light, Luna made her mistake. She struck and, once again, I blocked the blow, but this time, Luna got greedy. She struck again, but I was ready. I parried the blow and quickly swiped my blade across her chest. The cut was deep, and began to bleed profusely. Luna let out a cry of pain and fall onto her knees. I positioned my blade above her head. “Do you have anything to say for yourself? Come on, give me a reason.”

Luna looks up at me with fire still in her eyes. “You won’t kill me. You don’t have the guts, you never did!”

Adrenaline is still pumping through my veins, I still feel the rush of battle. “Wrong. Answer.”

I plunge the blade deep in her chest, and Luna lets out a long, low cry of anguish. She falls to her side, wrenching the blade from my magical grip. Blood wells along the metal blade, spilling onto the grass. Luna’s face is that of disbelief, completely taken aback by the fact that she had been defeated and subsequently fatally wounded. She looks at me, the hatred in her eyes gone. “Y-you did it...You actually went through with it…”

I finally grasp the magnitude of what I have just done. “No...I didn’t mean to...I…”

Luna coughs up a spurt of blood. “It’s all right sister. I committed terrible deeds, and I deserved punishment. This is not your fault, it is mine.”

“No, don’t say that! Don’t ever say that! I am to blame for this! I am to blame!” I rear back my head and let a long, choppy sob slice through the early evening air. The battlefield has fallen quiet, stunned into silence by Luna slowly bleeding to death on the grass.

“Celestia, I cannot change the way you think, but my time is short...I need to tell you something before...before I fade…”

“Wh-what is it?”

“Come closer...sister.”

I lean in and Luna whispers her dying words in my ear. “I’m...sorry…”

Her head falls back the earth and she just lies there, her breath coming fast and shallow. She inhales once, exhales, inhales a second time, exhales once more...I wait for her to inhale again, but the sound never comes. My sister is dead. I lay my head down on her bloody, cooling body, tears come like rain. Grovyle trots up to my side and sits down next to me. “The battle is won, Celestia. We won the war.”

“But at what cost, Grovyle? At what cost?”

“I know...I’m sorry for your loss...but it needed to be done.”

My voice is small when I reply. “I know…”

Grovyle turns to the lines of Solars and Lunars behind him, standing side by side, as if there had never been a dispute between the two groups. “She needs a proper burial, they all do. Find some shovels, and start digging graves.”

The Solars and Lunars nod grimly and soon set to work digging. They don’t dig just one large pit to roll bodies into. No, they dig individual graves, six feet down. They begin lowering bodies into the recently dug earth. They soon cover the bodies, prohibiting them from seeing the light of day ever again. They begin to make makeshift crosses out of wood, hanging dog tags, trinkets, and anything else to determine the identity of those that were buried in the cold earth.

The last grave they dig is Luna’s. Some of Lunars head into a tent and pull out a large stone cross. The plant it in the ground, in front of the grave. A unicorn walks forward and chisels in the date, following the hyphen. I stare at that small, little dash. That dash represents two thousand years of life. That little dash represents my sister’s entire existence. Never has a tiny mark had so much importance. I am the one that slowly lowers my sister’s now cooled body into the six foot deep hole. I choke back tears as the grave diggers slowly begin to pile on the dirt. We gather around and a grey pegasus leads a prayer. I mutter it under my breath, despite the fact that I was never very religious. My eyes burn as the funeral congregation breaks apart.

The Lunars limp back to their tents, hunched and defeated. They surrendered, it’s all over. I’ll let them stay here, under our protection. They have suffered enough. I look at my group of soldiers. Bloodied, injured, and bruised, we walk back up the hill towards our camp.

(3rd Person POV)

War is foolish, war is fickle. It is glamorized slaughter, thought to be a game. Leaders send their pawns out to die. Ponies join thinking they can become heroes, only to die, alone on the field of battle. Celestia and the Solars won the war at the cost of the Celestia’s oldest friend. The Battle of the Stars has reached it’s end. Dark fails to light, on this, the fragmented night.

End Chapter 30


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