My Opinion

So, what's the deal with cutie marks? It seems that throughout the show we are presented different ideas on how cutie marks work. In Cutie Mark Chronicles we discover that a cutie marks appear when you finally achieve their "destiny" (note: I'm putting "destiny" in quotation marks). Anyway, this is the real first in depth explanation for cutie marks. Anyway, we fast forward to the finale of season three, Magical Mystery Cure. Here we find out that the Elements of Harmony have been mixed up and, thusly, the Remane 5's cutie marks have been mixed up. This also messes with their special talent. So Rarity, who has RD's mark, is obssessed with weather (which makes no sense, because RD got her mark by pulling of a Sonic Rainbow...They should have given RD's mark to Fluttershy, so she could fly). Anyway, we're going to skip to the finale of the fourth season. Here, Tirek drains everyone of their magic. This causes their cutie marks to also disappear. Thist must mean that cutie marks have some sort of special magic to them, which makes sense. They do magically appear when a certain pony finds their talent. Anywho, next we go to the season five opener. Here's Starlight Glimmer turns everyone's cutie marks into equal signs. This makes them good at nothing, and average at everything. Sort of like a jack-of-all-trades cutie mark. This correlates nicely with Magical Mystery Cure, showing us that a changed cutie mark causes a changed "destiny." So we go onto yesterday's episode. An episode that I very much disliked for a huge reason. It breaks the idea that a cutie mark shows your definite destiny. Troubleshoes' cutie mark was an upside down horseshoe. That means he will always have bad luck. But the CMC tell him the he interperted it wrong, and that he has it because he's supposed to make people...laugh? What? Polsky, stop it. Anyway, this is a bit odd, as going against your cutie mark seems to be a big no-no in pony society...I don't get it...

I seriously have no real opinion on cutie marks and how their magic affects their owners, but what do you guys think? How DO cutie marks work? Happy debating~

 UnknownProdigyOoYA0kr.gif , out.