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  • Mataleo

    Can we please just have a massive "1-10" survey for all the episodes? Or maybe, agree on a review section with a sort of "thumbs up, thumbs down" system?


    Its great to talk about the episodes with fellow fans but throwing an entire season(sometimes both) into a single blog and then discussing just seems ridiculous to me. I feel myself looking for the same answers in these posts and then not caring about the rest. I don't think the OP's really care about the whole post either(or can't since there's so much to talk about).

    There isn't a single episode of mlp thats without its own special quirks to discuss. But for Celestia's sake, please don't pick "All of the Above" for a blog topic...

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  • Mataleo

    Gushiest Love Nicknames Poll

    February 11, 2012 by Mataleo

    From the love poisened, love brids themselves! Which one of Big Macintosh and Miss Cheerilee's one liners were the sweetest, and gushiest in all of Ponyville?

    1. schmoopy doopy sweetie weenie pony pie

    2. cutie patootie lovey dovey honey bunny

    3. hearty smarty smooch woochy baby waby

    4. kissy wissy huggy snuggy suger bear

    5. snuggle wuggles

    6. schnoodle bum

    7. schnoogie lumps

    8. pookie pie

    9. whisker fisker bear

    10. honey woogel snuggy bunny

    11. Schloopy doo

    Happy Hearts and Hoofves Day to everypony!

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