Matheus Leonardo

aka Matheus Leonardo Martins

  • I live in Cuiaba - Brazil
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Estudante Universitario/College Student, Brony
  • I am Masculino/Male
  • Matheus Leonardo

    Ask Matt

    June 9, 2016 by Matheus Leonardo

    Hey guys, since today is making exactly 2 years and 3 months since I joined to Wikia, I'll allow you guys to ask me everything, and I mean everything, and I'll answer all of your questions with a big smile in my face, maybe I'll even record the answers in video and post on my YouTube channel. I ope to see your questions very soon everybrony.

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  • Matheus Leonardo

    Hey guys, for the ones who's been following the discussion about the use of portable infoboxes in this wiki, I'm posting the conversation between Sannse and me about this new kind of Info. If you guys have any more questions about it, you can just put in the comments below or talk with Sannse.

    Matheus Leonardo: Hey San, about the Portable Infos, do you know if the Wikia are planning to "standardize the color"? I mean make all the Portable Infos in every wikia in the same color?

    Sannse: no, that wouldn't work. The default color is based on the wikia's theme, but it can be changed via CSS. It will be the same on mobile though, as it is now, with the CSS stripped to work with the skin

    Matheus Leonardo: Ok, I asked because of this: http://mlp.wik…

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  • Matheus Leonardo

    Hey everypony, a few hours ago i was looking the pt.mlp.wikia when i saw the following video:

    and i believe that video is a sneak peak of the 100th episode because the DJ Pon-3 have a speaking appearence. Really, she was speaking. And before i forgot, that video is so awesome!

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  • Matheus Leonardo

    Well, yesterday, 09/28/2014, I was getting ready for sleep when I realized that my paper clips were messed up, so I decided to tidy them before going to bed and when I finished I saw this scene.

    I immediately remembered this scene.

    Now I want to hear from you if you have already saw yourselves doing something that only Twilight could do.

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