Hey guys, for the ones who's been following the discussion about the use of portable infoboxes in this wiki, I'm posting the conversation between Sannse and me about this new kind of Info. If you guys have any more questions about it, you can just put in the comments below or talk with Sannse.

Matheus Leonardo: Hey San, about the Portable Infos, do you know if the Wikia are planning to "standardize the color"? I mean make all the Portable Infos in every wikia in the same color?

Sannse: no, that wouldn't work. The default color is based on the wikia's theme, but it can be changed via CSS. It will be the same on mobile though, as it is now, with the CSS stripped to work with the skin

Matheus Leonardo: Ok, I asked because of this:

Sannse: there's a lot of text there, what specifically? :)

Matheus Leonardo: Bobogoobo's one. But fell free if you wan to read mine as well :P

Sannse: there's some serious misunderstanding there. Look... < the current version uses the old-style infobox < this version uses the new style

spot the difference ;)

Matheus Leonardo: Huh, what difference?

Sannse: exactly

different backend code, same effect

I did this one too: and

that's the same infobox, but if you have that the god is greek, it will be one color... and if the god is Roman, it will be another - automatically

with all the CSS for that neatly kept in the .css page, where it can't mess up the view on other devices

(I was quite proud of getting that one working)

those are my best two, I'm working on getting Arkham city Wikia done next, which is tricky because I have to decide whether to keep the tabs (a bit of a cludge) or change them for a new double-image format

Matheus Leonardo: Wow, that's amazing, I'd tried to aply the Portable Info at pt.mlp.wikia without change the CSS, but the result wasn't... acceptable:! ,

Sannse: of course, the default look is very basic. It's meant to be a good start for anyone creating a wikia who wants something they don't have to do anything to. Any big wikia is going to want to customize and add their own colors :)

the one of Rarity Investigates! looks mostly simple... you might have to work a bit at getting the "Assista ao episódio" and "Veja também" sections right, but it should be possible

Matheus Leonardo: Really, I sure want to know that, but I don't know much about html, css and js (but I'll learn that, somehow). About the colors, Ana gave the code to customize the colors, but I didn't apply it because the wikia has almost (or more that) 700 pages who needs this custom colors.

Sannse: all 700 aren't different are they?

if they are all the same color, you only make one change for all of them. and one change for the template page (well, you'll probably take more changes to get what you want, but it's only 2 pages to be changed for each template (or sometimes 1, if it's similar to one you've done already)

If I want all pages containing Template:Infobox_Character to be updated, I only have to edit that template page, and the .css page for customization. Nothing changes in the articles that use the template

Matheus Leonardo: Ok, but to answer your previous question, not all the pages has different colors. Take those two for example: , same color, different info, and that's what get me worried

Sannse: so one uses "Template:Infobox Personagem V2" and the other uses "Template:Músicas". so you would update the first template page, and all these articles would automatically be updated:

Then you would do the second (you probably could use the same CSS) and these articles would all be updated

Special:Insights guesses that you have 21 templates to update. But you would be able to re-use a lot of the code and CSS from the first ones to do others (and you don't have to do all at once of course)

Some may be unused, so can just be deleted, if you want to

Matheus Leonardo: Ok

Sannse: does that all sound better? :)

Matheus Leonardo: Yeah, I'm just a bit afraid that I'll have to use (my nightmare) CSS to change those infos.

Sannse: you can get help if you need it :simple_smile: there are people around who are doing what they (we) can to make it easier. That's why I did the first template for the ones I linked

and my CSS is terrible!

Matheus Leonardo: If you said so. I'm gonna check the CSS of the wikis you linked and try to learn the code, and maybe a Portable Info almost like this one:

Sannse: and are good ones to look at

that one is like the one you showed me before, most of it is pretty straightforward

Matheus Leonardo: Thx San, another thing that was mentioned in the discussion I linked above was the tabber. As you can see here: the mlp wiki uses the tabber tag in they info, we've tried apply the tabber tag at the new character info at pt.mlp wiki, but it's simply hopeless.

Sannse: there is a way to do it, but it's not ideal because it reduces portability. There is an alternative for multiple images in a box coming, I've not seen that yet.

So the choices are to force it, wait for the update, or choose a different way

Matheus Leonardo: Ok, I get it. Hey, would you mind if I share all this discussion at MLP Wiki? I'm sure they want to love to know this information.

Sannse: sure

Matheus Leonardo: Thx