Dinky Hooves
Dinky Doo ID S1E11

Dinky Hooves in Winter Wrap Up
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Student (?)
More info
Eyes Golden/yellow
Mane Two-tone yellow
Coat Light Purple
Cutie mark


Dinky Hooves is one of several non-canon names given to this filly unicorn. Alternate names include Dinky Doo and Little Dinky. Dinky Hooves has a pale purple coat color, blonde mane and yellow eyes. Dinky Hooves has sported many cutie marks including a dolphin, a bubble wand, a pillow, and an archer bow, and even no cutie mark.


Ponet shares a similar color scheme.


Dinky appears several times in both season 1 and 2 as a nonvoiced background filly. She appears based on her size model and apparent age to most appropriately fit as one of Cherilee's students. Dinky makes her debut appearance in Winter Wrap Up. She is seen jumping up and down while they were singing. In the next episode, Call of the Cutie, Dinky is shown multiple times, although in each shot, Dinky had a different cutie mark. Dinky Hooves appears in Lesson Zero at Magic School during Twilight Sparkle 's dream. Dinky appears in Luna Eclipsed and is dressed as a firefighter for Nightmare Night. Dinky also appears in the Cutie Pox as one of Apple Bloom's classmates during the loopdie hoop scene. Dinky appears with Rainbow Dash wearing fan gear in the Mysterious Mare Do Well. Dinky appears with Carrot-Top/Golden Harvest in The Last Roundup. Times are approximate and taken from videos with no prolonged transition for commercial breaks.