• Matteso586

    If Equestria Girls gets a video game, I think it's genre will be Point-And-Click Adventure. Like Sam and Max, Broken Age, King's Quest, Day of the Tentacle, and Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People.

    At one point, EG Rainbow Dash would be seen playing a video game. Having a hard time deciding what to do next. Thus throwing a jab at the ridiculously difficult puzzles in King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause.

    In case of musical numbers, the rhythm based minigames will be similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Which is just four directional arrows.

    For puzzle solving, you can use your inventory, powers, or talk NPC's. For example, you can take advantage of Sonata's (if any of the Dazzlings are in it) to solve a puzzle.

    All of EG Fluttershy's pu…

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  • Matteso586

    This is my first blog post. And I like to show my predictions for the future of Equestira Girls. ... I know about the recently announced specials by the way.

    • The theme for the next film could be time travel. Which may lead to the following. Hasbro would take inspiration from Gravity Falls: Blendin's Game, and Wander Over Yonder: The Waste of Time.
      • The first time period any of the Humane Seven end up in should take until spotting the wondercolt statue to realize they've went back in time. Rainbow Dash: Well, everything seems to remain the same. The roof, the night sky, the groups of students, the wondercolt statue, the-... THE WONDERCOLT STATUE?!
      • Some of the Humane Seven reliving iconic moments from Equestria Girls-Legend of Everfree. Like if…
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