This is my first blog post. And I like to show my predictions for the future of Equestira Girls. ... I know about the recently announced specials by the way.

  • The theme for the next film could be time travel. Which may lead to the following. Hasbro would take inspiration from Gravity Falls: Blendin's Game, and Wander Over Yonder: The Waste of Time.
    • The first time period any of the Humane Seven end up in should take until spotting the wondercolt statue to realize they've went back in time. Rainbow Dash: Well, everything seems to remain the same. The roof, the night sky, the groups of students, the wondercolt statue, the-... THE WONDERCOLT STATUE?!
    • Some of the Humane Seven reliving iconic moments from Equestria Girls-Legend of Everfree. Like if they spot Pinkie Pie making a spot on guess about Princess Twilight. Present Sunsent might call present Pinkie a girl of mystery after questioning her past Pinkie saying "just a hunch".
    • Glimpses of each of the Humane Seven's childhoods. For example, how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy met. And for something hilarious, Zephyr Breeze should make a cameo, trying to hit on "Rainbows".
    • Childhoods aside, the most prominent should be Sci-Twi's. Told thorough both time travel, and flashbacks. Detailing her pre-Crystal Prep life too. Especially how she got accepted to Crystal Prep, what blurred her vision, adopting Spike as her pet, and/or what exactly brought Sci-Twi's attention to the "strange happenings". Also, I wanted to see what Moondancer is like in the human world.
    • Hopefully an explanation to why we haven't seen Sunset's counterpart yet.
  • In case of a spin-off TV series, the episodes are going to have a more slice of life feeling.
  • If Crystal Prep makes another appearance, Cinch should hire a vice-principle. Whom is either a human version of Chrysalis, or Sombra.
  • The Crusaders will have more screentime, after being overshadowed for four films.
  • If the Midnight Sparkle was brought up, it probably doesn't bother Sci-Twi anymore, after what she'd been through in Legend of Everfree.