Meester Tweester

aka MT

  • I live in Texas, USA (2011-2014: Penang, Malaysia)
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Student, voice actor, fiction writter, voting blogger, writer, drawer
  • I am a male tornado
  • Meester Tweester

    Welcome to 2017!

    January 1, 2017 by Meester Tweester

    With this, I've made the first blog post of 2014, 2016, and 2017, I believe. What a useless achievement.

    Well, at least a Hasbro MLP movie comes this year!

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  • Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy everybody, it's Meester Tweester! The past three years, I posted a scary story here for Halloween. This year is no exception, so please enjoy reading my story.

    This story contains: references to violence. If you are under the age of 13, read at your own risk.

    Cold wind cracked through the looming branches. James was the father and Summer was the daughter, both on a walk through the abandoned forest. This was no normal forest, and it scared Summer very much. Every leaf had jumped off the branches already, decomposing into a damp, lifeless pile. The branches were dark, contrasting each pale cloud. Each was like a giant hand ready to snatch up a naughty child. The sun was dropping and so the day was almost done. By this time Summer wo…

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  • Meester Tweester

    It will be held in Providence, Rhode Island on September 8th-10th, 2017.

    More info:

    It looks like it's a month before the MLP movie, and will feature MLP in some way.

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  • Meester Tweester

    Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! For those of you who don't know, I used to be active on this wiki, making voting blogs. It's been six months since my last blog, but today's my birthday! Woo!

    I used to be more active on this wiki, but now I'm not. I got tired in the middle of Season 6, and sadly stopped watching it. It's just my opinion that the recent episodes haven't stood up to the earlier episodes, and I don't feel a need to keep watching. But, I will binge-watch Season 6 eventually to make up for it.

    School also got in the way of blogging, as high school gave me much more homework and a ton of stress. My previous school was very big and was not a good fit for me, who functions better in smaller groups. This year, I'm at a sm…

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  • Meester Tweester

    uh hey everyvbody it's beester tweester and toaday tis the finale of pppony arena versus yeah

    so just bote on who you want to win

    then the win the entiere tournament

    thwat's it (heart)

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