Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! Wow, this blog is late. Like, four hours late. But no one else held a discussion on the episode yet, so that's okay.

Today on Friendship is Magic

  • We return to Appleloosa after four years, but the title misspells it
  • We get another CMC episode despite having one two weeks ago
  • We see the return of Braeburn, inexplicably in a cast
  • An unusually large stack of hay topples over, and Appleloosans blame the criminal instead of balance
  • We meet a horse with an unfavorable cutie mark
  • The CMC break him out of jail and get cutie marks for that
  • Applejack joins another rodeo
  • Triple negatives
  • Libman gets called "Andrew" by AT&T U-verse (pics later)
    • Libman and Weseluck are credited by AT&T U-verse despite none of their characters speaking, but Ball isn't credited

What are your thoughts? I just kept on thinking how much Trouble Shoes looks more like a horse than a pony.