Heeeeyyyy everybody, It's Meester Tweester! (I just can't start a blog with anything else...)

Today on Friendship is Magic

  • It is winter in Ponyville
  • Rainbow Dash mentions it's the first winter together with Tank, implying she's known him for less than a year
  • My favore quote:
    • Spike: No!
    • Rainbow Dash: I'll take that as a yes.
  • Rainbow Dash attempts to stop winter a la Grinch
  • Rainbow Dash finally gets a solo song on television (Technically, her first solo was in Rainbow Rocks)
  • Rainbow Dash Wrecks the Cloudsdale cloud production facility
  • Four out of the Mane 6 cry

What are your thoughts? I thought is was a touching episode restating Rainbow Dash and Tank's relationship, even is she got arrogant for the millionth time.