Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester, and this is my one hundreth blog post! It's also that time of year for a birthday! I planned to make a big table of all 100 blog posts... but I didn't have the time. Oh well.

So.. I recently signed up to write Pony Arena. I'll host another round soon when I'm not busy, but I just wanted to get this 100th blog post out before that!

I am still writing stories, currently about a character seperate to MLP. Yes, I'm planning to write Epic Pony War eventually. I love the ideas and character for it too much to get it cancelled. Now that I think about it, some of those who did want to have it have left by now. :( Maybe I can whip up Chapter 1 for Halloween. I harpd to more idea fragments for two more pony stories, but I've kind of moved on now. Maybe they'll turn into something eventually.

You'll see me less active as usual, mostly because of my homework overload. O_o I love you guys, so I'm still thinking of you!

This blog post is my 100th one, I can't believe it. All those years of voting blogs has really shown. I'll have a happy birthday, and I hope you guys enjoy it, too! Hopefully, some Pony Arena rounds and stories will be on your way! This has been Meester Tweetser, and goodnight Ponyville!