FANMADE Golden Cane Award
eeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! I see everypony has been working very hard this year, with all this blogging and whatnot. So for Christmas, I have some Golden Cane Awards to hand out! Ooh, but they are not for everyone. In this Oscar/Saxxy awards style contest, I present to you the 2014 MLP Wiki Blog Awards! Submissions are now OPEN.


I have ten Golden Cane Awards and ten categories for you to win them!

  1. Best Ask Blog- This was a very popular subject this year. Entries must be of the "Ask Blog" variety and must have the blogger encouraging the audience to answer questions.
  2. Best Blog Game- Any blog with certain game mechanics and rules depending on the audience to play along. This includes strings of comments, each one relating to the previous one. Does not include voting, see "Best Polling Blog".
  3. Best Art Blog- Any blog with showcasing art made by the user or other people, does not include literary art, but visual and auditory art.
  4. Best Literature Blog- A blog with a fanfiction or any other literature.
  5. Best Wiki Rules Blog- People like rules, right? These blogs restate or announce new rules for MLP Wiki, or a discussion on the wiki rules. These should have been done on the forums, but submit them anyway.
  6. Best Blog Presentation- It doesn't matter how bad your content is in this category, just as long as you do it prettily! Any blog is eligible, but will be judged on how well you presented it. Something with only text wouldn't stand a chance, but something with fancy tables and galleries and stuff like that would win.
  7. Best Blog Rant- Just one, long lecture by the user on a single subject, or multiple rants from a single category.
  8. Best Review Blog- Critically reviewing an episode, fanfiction, or any other form of media, MLP or not.
  9. Best Polling Blog- Blogs where the viewers take a vote on one or more contestants! Can be used with the wiki polling template, or a count of the comments.
  10. Best Blog Series- Blogs carried over multiple parts or chapters. Please submit the first blog in the series.

How to Submit

Any blog by anyone is eligible from 2013! In your submission, please have 1) the title of the blog, 2) a link to it, 3) the author, and 4) the category you want it to run for. Only one category per blog, but you may submit to many categories. That makes up to ten entries per person.

However, you can submit someone else's blog to a category. To make it eligible, others must reply to it with Symbol support vote Support or Symbol oppose vote Oppose by typing {{Support}} or {{Oppose}}. The number of supporters must be more than or equal to the number of opposers to be eligible (s≥e). A vote form the original author overrides all other votes, so no matter the number of supporters or opposers, what the original author says goes.

Voting ends 24:00 January 1, 2014 (UTC) or 6:00PM December 31, 2013 (Central Standard Time/Chicago and Houston Time), so submssions are open for a little over a week. After the submissions of done, a team of judges appointed by me will make a list of nominations. People vote on the nominations, and the ten winners get the Golden Cane Award! Yay! Hey, maybe the first chapter of Epic Pony War/Hurt or Heal Fanfiction will finally come out, paired along with the awards ceremony. Submit, everyone! Get all MLP Wiki bloggers working on it!