Did You Know Ponies?

The Boy Scout Law lists twelve traits, four of them being trustworthy, loyal, kind, and cheerful. This matches Applejack's Element of Harmony: honesty, Rainbow Dash's loyalty, Fluttershy's kindness, and Pinkie Pie's laughter. No trait in the Boy Scout Law or the Girl Scout Law matches the C) unicorn ponies' magic or generosity.

No issue in an international dub edit of Friendship is Magic has had to be changed more than B) cider, resulting in multiple episode edited across several countries. Where Friendship is Magic is made (United States and Canada), cider is a non-alcoholic sugary drink made from apples, while its alcoholic alternative is called "hard cider". Every other part of the world refers to the alcoholic drink as cider. The cider Friendship is Magic could very well be the alcoholic kind, since only adults are seen drinking it, it's held in a mug or a bottle, and is stored in bottle crates or barrels.

What was not negative criticism in Kathleen Ricter's blog on Friendship is Magic?

A) Black ponies serve magical white leaders.
B) Ponies eat candy and sweets without medical regrets.
C) Learning and reading is discouraged, while making friends is encouraged.

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