Did You Know Ponies?

In the My Little Pony iOS app's files, an icon for A) Lego Indiana Jones is surprisingly included (shown above). This is odd, considering the character would be owned by Lucasfilm and Lego, none of which were involved in the making of the game. Two Lego Indiana Jones games were made in 2008 and 2009, but those were developed by Traveller's Tales, not Gameloft (the MLP:FiM's app's developer). I searched for a picture of Lego Indiana Jones in this exact pose, but I found nothing like it when he faces this angle.

The Dragon Breath Room is the most expensive My Little Pony-themed room in Monopoly Hotels. How much does it cost?

A) 9,000 $M
B) 900,000 $M
C) 9,000,000 $M

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