Did You Know Ponies?

The Dragon Breath Room is the most expensive My Little Pony-themed room in Monopoly Hotels, costing B) 900,000 $M. The Mane 6, Spike, and other Hasbro cameos appear in the game. Each of the Mane 6 and Spike have their own MLP-themed room: the Sweet Apple Room, the Cloudsdale Room, the Golden Oaks Room, the Dragon Breath Room, the Cottage Room, the Sugarcube Corner Room, and the Carousel Boutique Room. The names evidently reveal who is in each room.

The infamous Noteworthy animation error in The Best Night Ever was caused by...

A) his body, mane, and eyes facing left, but eyebrows, nose, and mouth facing forwards
B) his body, mane, and nose facing left, but eyebrows, eyes, and mouth facing forwards
C) his eyebrows, mane, and eyes facing left, but body, nose, and mouth facing forwards

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