Did You Know Ponies?

MLP:FiM vinyl figures are sold in a opaque box, even including background characters. Vinyl Scrath and Derpy have a chance of appearing glow in the dark, but not C) Lyra. Ten out of the twelve available were normal, while the other two were glow in the dark. The give a faint glow in the dark, and the luminescence can be recharged by being exposed to light. They have a different texture than the normal figures, but the glow won't show up if photographed in the dark.

Rescue at Midnight Castle was not criticized in Turmoil in the Toybox for

A) the use of unicorns and pegasi (described as occult symbols by the author)
B) Tirek's scary, devilish design that was unsafe for children to watch
C) the over-commercialism of MLP toys that demanded money

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