Did You Know Ponies?

Phil Phillips criticized Rescue at Midnight Castle for the use of unicorns and pegasi (which were described as creations of Greek mythology and symbols of the New Age movement), and Tirek's design being too scary for younger audiences. C) The over-commercialism of MLP toys was mentioned at the start of the review, but wasn't deemed as harmful than the other reasons. The MLP review was in the 1986 book Turmoil in the Toybox, which criticized many 1980's toys, television shows, and movies for being harmful to children and not Christ-like.

What was the aftermath of Fighting is Magic's cease and desist letter from Hasbro?

A) Production halted and the game was scrapped.
B) It was implemented into a game without Hasbro characters.
C) Mane6 published the game anyways.

Happy 30th anniversary to the Ice Climbers from the Ice Climber and Super Smash Bros. series. Ice Climber was first released in Japan on this day in 1985. Buy it off the Virtual Console for 3DS or Wii U today.

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