Did You Know Ponies?

After the developers of Fighting is Magic got a cease and desist letter from Hasbro, B) it was implemented into a game without Hasbro characters. Lauren Faust helped Mane6 to make a similar game with quadrupeds as playable characters. The team released a full "Tribute Edition" anyways a year after the letter.

In the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen, Twilight Sparkle turned into a fiery rage resembling the Pokémon Rapidash. Since both are unicorns, what Psychic type move can Rapidash not learn without breeding?

A) Agility
B) Hypnosis
C) Rest

Happy 30th anniversary to the Ice Climbers from the Ice Climber and Super Smash Bros. series. Ice Climber was first released in Japan on this day in 1985. Buy it off the Virtual Console for 3DS or Wii U today.

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