Did You Know Ponies?

In Team Fortress 2, the "Magical Mercenary" hat can be dyed with the B) A Deep Comitment to Purple to resemble almost exactly like Rarity. It can be also dyed with A) Pink as Hell to resemble Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, but the hairstyle isn't a close match (all well as not being unicorns). The hat was introduced in a Halloween 2013 update and can only be worn during Halloween or a full moon. It was only obtainable by purchase or random distributions during Halloween. Unfortunately, this hat also caused some stir among brony haters who disliked this hat.

Which was not a fan theory that later became canon?

A) Scootaloo can't fly
B) Pinkie has another sister
C) Applejack's parents are dead

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