Did You Know Ponies?

Hasbro filed the trademark "RAINBOW ROCKS" to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on A) June 13, 2013. This date notable is notable for being before the first Equestria Girls was out in theaters (June 16, 2013), suggesting Hasbro was getting confident that Equestrian Girls deserved a sequel. The trademark was published for opposition (letting any competing companies to object for 30 days) on November 5, 2013, then finally registered on August 26, 2014 for the movie's September 27, 2014 release (Meester Tweester's birthday!). Critics and fans alike rated the sequel better than the controversial first movie.

A. K. Yearling is named after which real person?

A) writer Amy Keating Rogers
B) storyboard revisionist Aysley King and layout artist Alison Koch
C) Joanne Rowling

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