Meester Tweester tries to upload DYKP for January 8, but this error pops up.

MLP Wiki blog error

He contacts the ever-helpful Rallinale to explain Wikia's stubbornness.

"Remove the blog category and get mind-blowing blog-submitting results," said Rallinale as he wondered why MT is suddenly writing in third person.

MT proclaimed, "Time to stop writing fiction and get to DYKP. I wanted the date to show January 8... but evidently that didn't happen. Today we have two questions, one for yesterday and one for today. No one read this paragraph and skipped to the questions, unless they were inspective and wrote 'Thank you Rallinale' in the comments."

Did You Know Ponies?

A. K. Yearling's name is a reference to C) Joanne Rowling's penname: J.K. Rowling. Both are authors, but Rowling's Harry Potter series is in the fantasy genre, while the Daring Do books borrows from the Indiana Jones movies and the adventure genre. Interestingly, the credits for Daring Don't list two people with the initials AK: storyboard revisionist Aysley King and layout artist Alison Koch.

Which race of pony beholds no Element of Harmony encouraged by the Boy Scout Law or the Girl Scout Law?

A) Earth ponies
B) Pegasus ponies
C) Unicorn ponies

Which actions caused the most problems when dubbing Friendship is Magic outside of the USA?

A) Spike's crush on Rarity
B) cider
C) Gilda's words

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