Heeeeyyyy, everybody. It's Meester Tweester. Last episode, Apple Bloom took a trippy trip through Dream-ception. Today, you get to as well.

Apple Bloom's cutie mark winking S5E04


  1. State the you woke up from the previous dream.
  2. Get out of bed, get out of your bedroom, go downstairs, and go to the kitchen.
  3. State that Applejack noticed your cutie mark.
  4. Describe your cutie mark.
  5. Explain what you did because of your cutie mark until you wake up again.

Alternatively, copy and paste "Then I woke up. I got out of bed, got out of my bedroom, went downstairs, and went to the kitchen. Applejack noticed my cutie mark." and skip straight to steps 4 and 5.