Epic Pony War (the Hurt\Heal fanfic) is now live!


This fanfiction is a loose retelling of an actual blog created by the Candlekeeper, called Hurt/Heal. This fanfiction contains: refrences to violence. If you are under the age of 13, read at your own risk.

Begin Prologue

I am the Candle Keeper, an alias to disclose my true name. Six feet tall, smartly dressed, and considerably clever. A respectable being to most, no? Like most of us, or minds can make or break a life. My mind broke mine.

Let me take you into a true sadist's mind. I appear to stand above everyone surrounding, with emotions of contempt for their ineptitude.These disappointments can't resume their day without my persecution. Being a more physically peaceful sadist, I choose not to unleash and save my hatred for home. The soothing flickering of my candle collection seem to keep me from turning insane, which is why I have dubbed myself the Candle Keeper.

This works fine until I break down in tears and finally snap. Then I will sculpt their bodies from wax and proceed to eradicate their existence with a firm smack to the table. I dream of their blood escaping from their skin and I imagine their cries of agony while I sit on my throne and laugh to their dying, miserable faces. I grow to ten times their height and crush their feeble skulls into the dirt where they belong.

My wife, or so I thought, was another disappointment. We no longer liver in the same apartment, though not officially divorced. She was an artist, a dolphin catcher, and an avid conversationalist. Too bad my job does not meet her expectations, so we split ways. My daughter is not much more uplifting. She is indecisive, never certain on any matters whatsoever, even her identity. My job now brings more joy to me than she does, so I left her as well.

I used to draw art on the fourth generation of a toy company's television show. I drew vibrantly colored ponies selected to idle in the background, a tedious job demanding dozens of ponies a day. An odd show it is, but certainly superior to the previous three iterations. Something has bothered me, though. The chipper ponies always solve their problems in a matter of twenty-two minutes or less. Each solution comes as a success, with no protagonists failing in the end. You could say... a happy ending.

I pondered this for many months on the job, and wondered about some more unfortunate endings to the characters. I put my sadistic mind to work and sketched a pony, with the intent to keep her under danger and in a fight for her life, much truer to our world. She donned an ancient soldier's helmet, a sword, a shield, a watch to monitor health, bands to keep the sword and shield firmly attached to her hooves, and pistons to stand the quadruped upright. I admired my work, something more futuristic, yet not too technology-driven.

During every break I got, I formed stories in my mind about many alternate perceptions of the ponies I frequently worked with. I sketched them out, lining up thirty-two in total, eight ponies each on four teams. Remembering a line from an earlier episode, I penciled in the title of my project at the top, "Epic Pony War."

The toy company called a press conference to all the staff on the show. I tucked my sketch with the rest of my business folder and departed to the meeting room. The agent announced that the toy company had taken some marketing choices that would favor towards its younger audience rather than the adult fans the show had unexpectedly amassed. The choice were so drastic that many adult fans had stopped watching, and more changes would follow that would severely disappoint most out of the child age range. He called for any proposals for a new, completely separate project, still using the characters the adults so dearly loved. This would be known as the fifth generation of their little ponies.

I naturally produced my numerous sketches from my folder. He was impressed, convinced it would appeal to the older audience if they needed to ignore them in the fourth generation. As my concepts were well-thought out and more formed than anyone else's verbal suggestions, I had the privilege to be appointed director of the fifth generation.

So here we come today. I essentially live in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest town or human soul — just the way I like it. There is not much more than my bedroom, my kitchen, and my library in the shack I built from the ground up. Finally, my production room is where all the magic happens, where my beloved brutal characters interact.

You may ask how I bring these ponies to life without the use of a staff team daily. I use an online genetic mutation simulation program to view ponies interacting, a method used throughout all generations. After all, the ponies were cloned from one generation to the next with either slight or drastic changes. This, of course, explains similarities one would see from the first generation to the fourth. At the end of the day, I send the footage back to the production room where they can polish it up and upload it to the public. Except chiefly, Epic Pony War is done solely by myself, the Candle Keeper. I introduce you to the setting, the Four Corners of the Earth. I have abbreviated this as "4CotE", conveniently pleasing to say. Imagine it is one square nautical mile surrounded by ocean as far as the eye can see. Quite a small, insignificant speck on the world map. It is inhabited by packs of wolves lurking in the humid jungles of the west. Ancient tribes of raccoons reside in the icy north. To the east is a warmer forest filled with foxes. Down in the south is grasslands with nothing more than a few houses, trees, and a flock of pigeons.

However, I have turned the tides (literally) to force any unsuspecting ponies to shipwreck on this island. Up to this point, thirty-two of these targets have arrived, eight on each team, with the four teams basing in the four cardinal directions. They all come from nations, from all seven continents of the world.

Now for my favorite part: their ultimate task. I have allowed them to possess weapons for combat. Each team must wipe out the other three... to the bitter death. The victors will gain control of the island, then do as they please. I must warm you that most will not make it out alive, as this challenge is in no way optional. Miles away from another shore, they are stuck here to brawl for their lives. If everything goes right (for me), I will be able to witness thirty-one of my creations kick the bucket, whether in dutiful grace or violent scars. That will in no doubt be my greatest joy I have experienced in years.

I am the Candle Keeper, and I present to you Epic Pony War. Thirty-two alternate interpretations of fourth-generation characters saluting from all corners of the world will meet at the Four Corners of the Earth on the twenty-seventh day of September 1999. All want to survive, but only one faction will thrive. This, my readers, is the documentation of the Epic Pony War.

End Prologue

Author's Notes

After 393 days in development, I present to you the prologue of my novel, not to mention my second annual Halloween short story! Before UnknownProdigy wrote The Nameless War, I announce a fanfic to the Hurt\Heal Game. Once intended to be a one-off with slightly more violent ponies, it grew over the months into multiple storylines and cimplex characters.

I will explain more about the Candle Keeper character later on. Happy Halloween!


Written by Meester Tweester
Illustrated by Mango Dolphin
Inspired by Hurt\Heal Game, by The Candlekeeper
Based off of characters owned by Hasbro, DHX, Discovery Family, and Lauren Faust