Heeeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! Turns out, high school is really big. Like, thousands big. And sometimes they make the thermostat cold. Anyways, since Round 1 was so popular, today we get to play the Episodic Pony War Game!

Swarm if the Century, Over a Barrel, Owl's Well That Ends Well, and Baby Cakes were the unlucky four to not be voted safe in Round 1, so they are banned! Weep and mourn, or not. Now you guys must pick 83 out of the remaining 87 to move onto Round 3.

Rules: You decide which episodes deserve to be aired again on the Hub network, while the rest will be banned! (Don't worry, it's just a game.) So, the first 83 episodes declared safe this round are, well, safe. The other four will be banned. You cannot comment on an already safe episode, nor vote twice in a row. (i.e. wait for someone else to comment first).

Jeopardized Episodes for Round 2:

Vote which episodes are declared safe!

It looks weird with four less episodes on the last row, doesn't it? The first 83 episodes voted on are safe, so vote quick! Drive home safely, do your homework, and don't let the bedbugs bite. This has been Meester Tweester, saying goodnight Ponyville!

  Episodic Pony War Game by Meester Tweester 

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