Okay everypony, have we got a game for you!

1. Stand up.

2. Sit down if you have been blocked before.

3. Touch your nose if your block was related to the FANMADE prefix to images.

If you are standing up, congratulations, you are a good editor.

If you are sitting down, but not touching your nose, you are probably a troll.

Spike holding his nose S3E9

Uh, Spike?

If you are touching your nose, you are not alone. I'd say two-thirds of the ones sitting down are touching their nose, and I'd also estimate that a quarter of everybody, wether sitting or standing, is touching their nose. This is stupidly ridiculous. I have seen numerous people that have been blocked for the FANMADE prefix reason. What should we do about this? Maybe we should remove this rule. Besides, fan made and official material are pretty obvious. Unless it's from Double Rainboom or Snowdrop, it should be easy to tell the difference.

Please post a comment of your current position for further analysis.

P.S.: Pony Voting 5 will be out soon, be patient...