Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! My blog before my vacation didn't exactly work out, so this is my second try. At the end of each chapter of Epic Pony War, I want to make another version of Hurt\Heal... but with different rules. Allow me to explain.

Moon Dancer goes back to studying S5E12

At the end of the first chapter, only the Mane 6 will be in the game. The main difference is, after the game for that chapter is done, everypony will be back alive and well for the next chapter! This will reduce the stress of losing your favorite pony. In the actual fic, though, the ponies won't be as lucky if they perish...

Instead of voting every 24 hours, a new "credit" system will be introduced. In order to vote for a pony, a credit in their account must be spent. Voting for a pony in the poll will grant them 10 credits. To encourage more participation, drawing an illustration for a pony will grant them a bonus 5 credits, and drawing a wallpaper for the pony will be another 5 credits. Just give me a link to it, and I'll add up the credits.

Each pony starts off with 100 HP, but hurting and healing isn't as simple as last time. Once a credit is spent, specify 1) which pony spent the credit, and 2) where the attack is directed. I will roll two dice, and the outcome will determine the result of the spent credit. I don't have much more time to write here, so I'll get on the actual dice results later.

And finally... while on vacation, an idea for a separate fic popped in my head. There will be an established character, but it'll take place in second person. To add a little more to the story, you can determine the character's fate. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure story! If you guys show more interest, I'll talk more about that and Hurt/Heal reloaded. I'm putting a Flutttershy fic based on the Season 5 premire on hold for both the new fic and (eventually) Epic Pony War. There's so much I have planned, and I hope you guys show interest. This has been Meester Tweester, and goodnight Ponyville!