Heeeeyyyy everybody, it's Meester Tweester! The past three years, I posted a scary story here for Halloween. This year is no exception, so please enjoy reading my story.


This story contains: references to violence. If you are under the age of 13, read at your own risk.

Ants Gone Flat

Cold wind cracked through the looming branches. James was the father and Summer was the daughter, both on a walk through the abandoned forest. This was no normal forest, and it scared Summer very much. Every leaf had jumped off the branches already, decomposing into a damp, lifeless pile. The branches were dark, contrasting each pale cloud. Each was like a giant hand ready to snatch up a naughty child. The sun was dropping and so the day was almost done. By this time Summer would be home, but today was an exception.

Summer was getting terribly hungry but her father had no food. She had to keep walking and walking or else they would never get home. Summer was only four and could not last long without a bite to eat, but learned to be patient when her dad could get no food. She pleaded and begged, but she was told they ran out of food and had to walk home.

Disappointed, Summer scooped up berries from the ground and dusted them off. She tried the first one, a little smaller than a blueberry but much more sour. Taste was not a matter to care about now, so she chewed up the rest of the handful and tried her best to enjoy it. Almost immediately, it felt like a wall knocked her over. Her eyelids were getting droopy and she lost her energy quickly. Summer tried to call for help, but nothing came out, and her father kept walking home. She was being left behind, but felt the need to rest. Sleep bound her and finally closed her eyes. "I guess I'll take... a little nap..."

Summer dreamed two ants crawled up near each other. One was crushed by a large boot, and the other was forced to watch.

When Summer woke up, she could see no more with her eyes open than her eyes closed. Searching enough, though, caught sight of a lit window. Strolling through the crunches of bunches of leaves, she came up to the small shack. It sounded like no one was inside, and it was too cold to stay outside, so Summer tiptoed in with caution. The shack had only one room, and the wood looked like it was falling apart. After walking around a table filled with dishes, she learned she was not alone. Some arrived first, a long time ago.

Summer was dubious at first, and even straight-up terrified. A tall man with a black cloak was staring down at her, confused at why she had arrived. A mask of a skull covered his face, and left Summer speechless. "Please don't eat me, Mr. Monster."

After staring for a few seconds, slow laughter came from behind the mask. The laughter became more happy than creepy after a while, and the old man bent down to explain. He was a loner by the name of Osseus that was not blessed with a strong body and was given a hideous face after a farming accident, leaving him the outcast of the village. Summer was the first visitor he got in years, and was overjoyed to see the life in the youthful girl's eyes. Summer decided even loners should have friends, so the two stayed together.

Osseus cooked for Summer, and the two laughed over meals. While several decades apart in age, the two shared the idea life should be kept fun. They fished in the river and played with fallen sticks. The two shared a bond and agreed to keep each other happy. Summer was having so much fun, in fact, she almost forgot about her father.

One fateful night, Osseus sat on the edge Summer's bed, ready to tuck her in for the night. Wind swept through the cracks in the walls, and made them both uneasy. A loud knock rang on the door, and Osseus was not happy to hear angry shouting. Eventually, the door broke down, revealing Summer's very cross father, James.

James asked no explanation and jumped to conclusions. This man was a kidnapped his child and had to pay. Before Osseus could object, the heavy end of James's shovel dented his skull in. James swung at his sides, breaking his ribs like twigs and piercing his legs like a melon. Osseus's elderly voice crooned for help one final time, before the shovel spliced his mouth out of commission. James was proud of his work, showed no remorse, and pulled on an extremely horrified Summer to go home.

Nothing was quite the same for Summer after that. Blood shed from her dear friend, and by her own father, too! She could still remember the pools of blood that spilled out, right in front of her toes. Every time she went to bed, Summer could still hear her innocent friend crying for mercy. Any joy left the building, and nothing was quite the same for Summer after that.

Author's note

Please tell what you thought of it, I'm thinking writing could be a career of mine. Please check out my other three Halloween stories, Chartreuse Factory  from 2013 , Epic Pony War - Prologue: Survive to Thrive from 2014, and The Lamb and the Goat from 2015. Thank you everybody, and goodnight Ponyville!