Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! Happy Halloween, everybody! For the last two years, I've posted a story around Halloween, and well, they haven't been exactly the happiest stories I've ever read. Please enjoy the story this year!


This story contains: references to violence. If you are under the age of 13, read at your own risk.

The Lamb and the Goat

Philadelphia - 1987

Like any other child, Summer was born into the world baring innocence and none of the evil surrounding the world. She was joy, the candlelight in the darkness of her father's life. At four years old, James and Mary experienced Summer growing up from an infant to a toddler. She was now able to skip around the preschool playground like a big girl. Long blonde hair flowed like waterfalls over her head and down her back. When she smiled, the summer delight showed through, brightening anyone's day.

Sadly, Summer was about the only happy part of the family. Mary was a police officer, and the only thing she cared more than her guns was the swift justice of gunpowder and arrest. James' occupation went unidentified as far as Summer was concerned, but she was sure it was quite unsettling. Summer would wake up in the midst of the night, only to hear screams from unidentified mouths and a sharp, grinding growl. Both parents weren't sure why they sticked together long enough to get married, but both agreed to stay together for their kid.

Summer didn't have many friends. She was always courteous and would never turn down a favor of her ability, but could never find the strength to invite someone over. She mostly kept to herself, imagination clouding up her own mind. Of course, she liked the television show with ponies in it, since they were the closest to a friend at home. Her most prized possession was a pegasus doll she received on her fourth doll.

James reasoned that too many possessions sprouted the evils of want and greed, so Summer was allowed just two gifts a year: one on Christmas, and another on her birthday a month later. Summer didn't mind. She appreciated each gift thoroughly, and made up for the rest with sticks and stones from the park.

The only other item she cherished was a special stick, not to long and not too short. Like any good imagination, Summer perceived it as a magic wand with special elemental abilities. Fire, water, earth, or electricity, virtually any spell in Summer's mind could be brought to life. She would point to the sky with her stick, think of a certain color and shape to determine its element and effects, then release the spell from her wand. With her stick, she felt powerful and protected.

Tonight was a chilly night in October, with strong autumn winds knocking on the windows. Summer put on her nightgown and slipped into the bedcovers. Her mother came into the room and sang a lullaby, so Summer's eyelids could rest. Summer thought she was truly blessed. She was thankful she had a big, safe house, ate three meals a day, and was exempt from the labor adults had. Just before drifting into dreamlands, a tingling sensation alerted her in the back of her head.

Pegasus glowed and flapped his large wings. Summer sat up, knowing something truly different was happening. Summer heard a message echoing in her head: "We must check the well in the backyard. Something is not right." She could only imagine Pegasus had said it, but his lips never moved. It was a mental message psychically whispered into her ears alone. Summer hitched onto her steed, and the two flew out the window.

The well stood at the top of a hill. Summer rarely visited it since it wasn't that interesting, as far as she knew. However, she did know that James emptied buckets (of water, she assumed) into the well every night right after she went to bed. "Want to know what's wrong?" piped up Pegasus. "Listen closely." All Summer could hear was the bleating of a lamb. Just the sound of something piercing in, the lamb bleating, then the same object pulling out. Since Summer was always optimistic, she thought it might be tickling and laughing. She rode on Pegasus down the well, only to find glowing stairsteps floating in mid-air, spiraling downwards.

Summer bounced down the stairs, with her magic stick swinging in her hand. Summer wanted to find out if it was a joke, a tickle, a delicious dessert or—"Oh... my..." At the bottom of the well was semi-thick liquid that reeked of rusty metal. Summer walked in until she was waist-high before backing out. He she lifted her gown out of it, the white cloth was stained. Tainted. Ruined. Summer was about to frown, but looked up to see the source of the bleating.

The child lamb was stuck with his leg wedged in a stone. But that wasn't why he was bleating, that was the least of his problems. The well was dark, but Summer looked harder. A goat kid cocked his head downwards and lunged forward. To Summer's horror, the goat's horn pierced right through the crying lamb's eye sockets. The goat pulled out, and his horns were dripping wet of an unknown liquid and color. Pegasus ripped the delinquent goat from his victim, but the goat retaliated with a sharp bite. Summer decided when enemies hurt friends, it was time to fight back.

She waved her stick and commanded an inferno to singe the goat. "Pyrokinetic Inferno!" she screamed. Crackling fire surrounded the goat, but not a single flame harmed the kid, as if he was immune from it. Summer was surprised, but was ready for her next spell. "Terrakinetic Vine!" Leaves sprouted out from the stone wall and wrapped around the goat's limbs. The kid tried to chomp at the vines, but they were out of reach. Even with some violent struggling, Summer deemed her enemy immobile.

"Hydraulic Hose!" Water gushed into the well, but only mixed in with the liquid at the bottom. The goat was submerged underwater with little breath, but so was the lamb, unfortunately. Pegasus dived in and ripped the lamb from its trapping crevice, and pulled it out to safety.

Summer pointed her wand straight at the moon and shouted at the top of her lungs. "Electrokinetic Thunder! Lord, have mercy!" Summer pressed her back to the wall and watched a string of sparks rain straight down through the center of the well. The goat screeched primitively, but looked agitated instead of afraid. The volts cruised through the water at the bottom and electrocuted the goat until his head dropped limp. All Summer did now was rush back up the stairs in pure fright.

At ground level, Summer noticed the lamb that was abused earlier. It was horribly blinded and was wiggling his legs in spasmodic motion while moaning quietly in pain. Summer approached it, but stepped back at the sight of two deep holes where eyeballs used to be. She knelt down and had a long prayer for the lamb, the goat, and everything she had done.

Summer wasn't proud of her murder. In fact she felt deeply guilty. She had killed another living being. A life was cut short before its end. Murder cut short its life. No matter what crime the goat had done, Summer thought death shouldn't have been the punishment. It was rabidly violent, so killing was the only safe rescue for the lamb. She didn't have anything to trap it, so doing nothing would have killed the lamb, and Summer knew she would have been next. When Summer stood up from her prayer, she noticed her gown was dripping wet and was tainted red in the moonlight. Summer could never be sure exactly what liquid the well was filled with.

Author's Note

Please tell what you thought of it, I'm thinking writing could be a career of mine. Please check out my other two Halloween stories, Chartreuse Factory  from 2013 , and Epic Pony War - Prologue: Survive to Thrive from 2014. Thank you everybody, any goodnight Ponyville!