Heeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! Welcome to Midnight Madness, the new blog series for not just me, but the entire wiki! Think you're up for the challenge of one hour of midnight madness? Best part is, after I'm done, you get to do it, too!

How to join the madness

Here are the rules: sit down and type whatever you want, it could be fanfiction, wiki life, real life, or random thought that pop up. If you're one the artist types, like the fabulous Magic love, go ahead and draw a picture or paint on the computer. The catch is that you only get one hour, so use it wisely. Once your time is up, go ahead and post it with the title Midnight Madness: [Insert username] like I have done. Don't focus on going back and proofreading it, I just want as much thoughts as I can. (Quantity, not quality?) If you don't think you can stand the craziness of Midnight Madness for one hour, half an hour or even ten minutes is fine. The point is to share as most of your thoughts as you can in one hour. I would be very interested in what you come up with, so provide me a link in the comments section at the bottom.

Unlike nine-tenths of my blogs, this is not a contest of any kind! Hmmm... Well, if you accept the challenge and complete it, I guess you win. But there can be more than one winner!

Why Midnight Madness for the title? Well, I am typing this at midnight, and I think that my best creativity is at night, so I encourage you to write your Midnight Madness at night. Since your deepest thoughts might be random or make you or the reader go mad with the time limit, I guess that is madness? Oh, when you think at might, your ideas might be more insane than normal, so that's madness. Also, alliteration always appreciates all animals.

I have a ton of stuff I want to talk about, like Pony Voting news, my toughts on Hurt/heal, and maybe even a review, but I will probably write short fanfictions thrown in as well. Enough chit-chat, I've wasted a third of the hour writing the introduction.

Hurt/Heal Thoughts

Hurt and Heal takes a long time to calculate the results, says The Candlekeeper. I post a list of the ponies by HP from first to last, along with arrows showing if they went up in rank or down in rank. I also post an in-depth analysis of the rankings, carefully monitoring and reporting each character's performance. Pictures depict the winnah (winner/first place), neethuh (neithe/average place), and woozer (loser/last place). All of this is in one comment. Best of all, it is posted daily in the comments section!

This game has certainly attracted a ton of users. Looking at "Wiki Activity" I saw 50 editors on that one blog post, which was by far any more on the wiki. Just typing three words in a comments can spark a discussion, argument, or even a new faction.

Though I think I'm part of Equestria Balance, I don't like to join factions, since I like to do as I please and vote on whoever I want. Although, factions can become very powerful if everybody in it votes together.

Could you say this is a wiki obsession? To the point where it distracts others from editing the wiki more? It cold, but that is for you to decide.

I could write more about this game, but I have 27 minutes left, so I will stop.

Wiki Test

One header

Two header

Three header

Four header

Five header

And I can only know what it does once I upload it.

Fanfiction? Poetry?

This is Pinkamena talking in the fanfic? I dunno. I saw a comic with the same first line that I started with, but I liked it so much I'm going to continue it.

Just you and me. I remembered when we first met, in this very room. We had so much fun, but you sadly chose the wrong path. I didn't want it to end this way, but I have no choice. You have seen too much. Your eyes have taken in information that your mouth must never let out. You know the consequences. Don't worry, I promise to nake this process over quickly. I remembered when we first met, in this very room. Just you and me.

...Now, just me.

Oh, what happened to the pony? It could have been you. And if wasn't, I think you're next...

18 minutes left

My afternoon

FYI, this is what happened in real life, not as Meester Tweester.

My legs are sore from doing stair climbs, pushups, lunges, squats, and triceps yesterday. And guess what was today? Soccer team tryouts! Now that my body is un-energetic and sore, I am in no mood going to try my best as the coaches are watching my every move! Well, I was over average at sprinting, decent at passing the ball and stealing the ball, and good at the dribbling around comes accuracy drill, except I let the ball get out once, which was when the coach came over. Now that I was even more sore and even more drained of energy, guess what? A scrimmage game! Being a natural defender, I took the defense position, but now I was in really no mood to chase after the offender, much less keep track of the ball.

Well, the second half of tryouts is tomorrow, so wish me luck!

8 minutes left

Pony Voting news

Yes, I know I said Pony Voting would be on time, but it wasn't. To tell the truth, with all the confusion of last-minute summertime fun and starting school, I haven't had much time to work on it. That, and I am lazy and I am a procrastinator.

Hurt and Heal seems to have taken over blogs. At one point, three of the four "popular blog post" slots were taken by Hurt/Heal factions and rants and whatnot. But I think that has died down, so I am more confident.

With Hurt and Heal, people are spending a lot of time on that and less on other blogs, so Pony Voting 6 was having troubling getting votes. So I notified people on their talk page encouraging to vote, and they did! But thinking back, I think that's spamming, so I do not want to become that desperate again. So please, vote on Pony Voting 7 once it is out! I'm begging you!

If you would ask for a specific release date, I would say this weekend.


Ding-a-ling! One hour is up! Looking back at this, I think I wanted to cram a lot in at the end, so if I ever try this challenge again, I will organize It better.

Though Midnight Madness isn't a game, I hope it to be just as popular as Hurt/Heal. Do you think you're up for the Midnight Madness challenge? If you are, great! Just post the blog and give me a link to it in the comments, and I promise I will read and comment on every one! This has been Meester Tweester, saying goodnight Ponyville!