Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! I didn't think I would get so addicted to this game, but I have. Pony Clicker is, in general, Cookie Clicker except with smiles instead of cookies. (For those who don't know what cookie clicker is, you basically click a cookie to get more cookies, which can buy more cookie-generating buildings to create even more cookies). The thing is, there isn't really a set "end" to the game, and the last achievements go into extremely high numbers.

Play "Pony Clicker" here.

Pinkie singing Smile Song cropped S2E18

Better get clicking.

Meester Tweester's records:
over 100 quadrillion total smiles
over 16 trillion smiles per second
over 2000 pony clicks
17 upgrades
41 achievements
16 ponies
105 friendships
20 Elements of Harmony

Fanfic Updates

Epic Pony War, the Hurt\Heal fanfic has not been cancelled, and Chapter 1 will be released eventually. I know, it's been too long of a wait, and I should get going on it. Characters and plot are pretty much set in stone now. Hopefully the summer will be a good time to write it.

But... I've taken the events of the Season 5 premiere to heart and I'd like to make a Fluttershy POV story, alluding to the events of the Season 5 premiere. I'm calling it April 31st for now, but since April has passed, June 31st would be more timely. The only problem is... I'm gone during a week for a campout in late June, so daily updates wouldn't be possible. So... I can either do daily updates for the 31 days of the story, or release it all at once. Tell me what you think. You'll be glad to know that April 1st has already been written.