Heeeeyyyy, Ponyville! It's Meester Tweester! Tonight, you'll vote for your favorite Season 3 Songs, but we'll get to that later. Seven ponies voted in the seven-day time period, which is phenomenal. Thank you to everypony who voted, so let's get down to business, but seriously, welcome to Pony Voting 1!

The rule was that you can only vote five times for your favorite background characters. 46 of them were up for voting, which were...

Ponies up for voting:

From the seven voters, we got 30 votes. Even though you were allowed to vote five times, that's only an average of about four and a quarter. Some of the votes were complete jokes, while others weren't even up for voting. However, I counted alternate names, like Derpy/Ditzy Doo, Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3, and Dr. Wooves/Time Turner, just to name a few. Because of this, one voted for a very lucky pony twice! After all of this, only 23 votes counted. That's an average of half a vote per candidate, which means some of them got zero votes, to be specific, 33 of them.

The candidates with zero votes are as followed...

0 votes:

...which means thirteen of them are still in it to win it. The candidates with at least 1 vote are as follows...

At least 1 vote:

Notice how four of the five ponies starting with a "D" got at least one vote. Poor Daisy. They are made of eight mares, four fillies, and one stallion. Plus, the three main fan-made pairs (Derpy/Whooves, Scratch/Octavia, Lyra/Bon Bon) are all here! I interviewed the thirteen about how much this means to them.

Derpy/Ditzy Doo: Me and my muffin awe weady foh action! Ooh, wookie here! A cheh-woh! Derpy weawy weawy wikes cheh-wohs! Coow, Octavia's hewe! She wooks angwy... calm down, fiwwy!

Dinky Doo: Me and Mommy are here! I wish my sister was here, too...

Dizzy Twister: Am I Meester Tweester's sister or something? Hey, look! They're fighting over that doll!

DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch: Whoo-hoo! Feel that beat? 'Cause it's called VICTORY! Aw, yeah!

Half Note: Me and Tootsie Flute did it! Yay!

Lily Valley: The horror! The horror! Daisy and Rose didn't get a single vote! My friends have abandoned me!

Lyra Heartstrings: I would shake your hand, but I don't have any at the moment... WAHHHH!

Octavia: Well, would you look at that, I'm in the final thirteen. Great Celesetia, Vinyl is too. Don't touch that cello, Derpy!

Piña Colada: Here's to the final thirteen! (clinks glass) Punch for everypony!

Sweetie Drops/Bon Bon: NO WAY! I need to bake some cookies for me and Lyra to celebrate!

Time Turner/Doctor Whooves: Statistically speaking, with twenty-three votes, and thirteen competitors with at least one vote, each competitor has an average amount of 1.76923076923077 votes. Taking that into account, I simply use the Katzonian-Huang Formula to calculate that I have a... 5.58458098030655% chance of winning. Oh my, those numbers are very low. Eureka! I pardoned the factor of Miss Doo's popularity! That should... just lower it to about 4.34772675074119%. (groan)

Tootsie Flute: Me and Half Note did it! Yay!

Wild Fire: I'm going to get a hooficure to celebrate this moment; I don't care what Lucky Clover says! I'm gonna burn him up like I did to that one traffic light if he doesn't let me!

That wraps up interviews! Now for the next round. The eight ponies with only one vote are as follows...

1 vote:

...that means five of you got at least two votes! They are as follows:

At least 2 votes:

Only four mares and a filly remain, as the tension rises! It's interesting to see that all four of the "D"s got this far. (M. A. Larson, take note of this.) 23 votes minus the one for each of the eight losers this round equals 15 votes left! That's an average of a good three, but as I said, you got at least two votes, so some of the candidates will be eliminated again this round.

We have a three-way tie for third place, and they all got exactly two votes! That also means that at least two of the "D"s won't be in the final two! The three ponies with exactly two votes are as followed....

2 votes (Bronze Medal):

Oh, no! Looks like three of the "D"s are out! Dinky Doo, Dizzy Twister, and DJ Pon-3, here are your medals! (fling medals)

And congratulations to Derpy and Octavia! You are the final two! You both obviously have at least three votes.

At least 3 votes (Final 2):

15 votes minus two for each of the three bronze medalists equals only 9 votes left!

And the winner of the gold medal is:


6 votes (Gold Medal):

Congrats to Derpy/Ditzy Doo! You won with six votes. According to Time Turner/Doctor Whooves, that's 26.0869565217391% of the total votes, which is over a quarter! Here's your gold medal! (flings medal)

We can't forget about Octavia, who snagged three votes, awarding her a silver medal! (flings medal)

3 votes (Silver Medal):

Now for an exclusive chat with the finalists:

Derpy: Hewwo, Octavia! Sowwy I broke the cheh-wo.

Octavia: That's fine, Ditzy Doo. I'll find a new cello... somehow...

Derpy: Don't wowwy, I can gwue the peices back togethuh!

Octavia: Don't bother, Ditzy. Those cellos are expensive! The cost at least 30,000 bits!

Derpy: Wewl, I have dis gowden meduh. You can have duh meduh if it makes you fewl bettah!

Octavia: For real, Derpy? I can sell this for at least 50,000 bits! Celestia bless you, Derpy!

Derpy: Youw wewcome!

Awww, isn't that sweet? Well, that wraps it up for this week's voting. But we won't leave you voters with nothing! Oh yeah, we take requests, but it should be really good to get featured.

Season 3 Songs:

Rules: You get 5 votes for 5 episodes.

Vote for your top five Season 3 songs! Only Season 3 songs will be counted, so don't vote for characters or songs from past seasons. Since this is your top 5 list, you can vote up to five times! Voting for the same song twice in a row will not count. Voting will end in one week, which is May 6th. Pony Voting 2 will be blogged on May 7th. SO VOTE!

This has been Meester Tweester, and goodnight Ponyville!

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