Heeeeyyyy, everypony! It's Meester Tweester! Tonight the Creatures are up for voting, presented by our guest star, Daring Do! All of you are undoubtedly anxious and curious about the special guest, right? Well, next time I'll try to find an actual user instead of writing for a fictional pony. I also apologize that I failed to provide Pony Voting last week, my excuse being the end of the quarter. I got the best grades I've had all year though, so that's good. If you remember not too long ago Pony Voting was revived. The votes have been tallied for Pony Voting 8- Cannon Relationships, so let's get this bad boy started!

Undoubtedly, through almost three-quarters of the poll and generous attention in the comments, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence win the gold medal this time! They deserve it, mostly due to the universally approved Season 2 finale, even if (the real) Cadence was missing for half of it. The silver medal goes to Big Macintosh and Cheerilee, sparked by the wacky events of Hearts and Hooves Day. Even though their initial love was caused by a potion, they have been seen together sparingly, so I regret mocking them way back in Pony Voting 3. Third place and a big bronze medal go to Mr. and Mrs. Cake, who successfully spawned babies, twins no less!

Even though Spike and Rarity were forgotten in the poll, people noted it in the comments, giving them second in the comments and fourth overall. With only one vote from the poll, Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry comes into trouble. Flash Sentry's personality seems as thin as ice, and some fans warn that because of that, he'll really be on thin ice! Tying with them in fifth place is Rarity and Trenderhoof, the highest ranked relationship going only one way, on Rarity's side. In dead last with zero votes everywhere are Rarity and Prince Blueboood and Trenderhoof and Applejack. Full results are posted here:

Pony Voting 8 results: Canon Relationships
Relationship # of poll votes # of comment votes
Shining Armor and Princess Cadence 14 2
Big MacIntosh and Cheerilee 2 2
Mr. and Mrs. Cake 1 2
Spike and Rarity - 1
Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry 1 0
Rarity and Trenderhoof 1 0
Rarity and Prince Blueblood 0 0
Trenderhoof and Applejack 0 0

We need on expert on creatures to show what's up for voting. I present to you our special guest star, Daring Do! With a flattened hat and a leafy beard?

Daring Do holding bag of bits S4E04

Not Daring Do!

"I'm not Daring Do! I'm the greatest adventurer that ever was, Manitoba Smith! I 100% guarantee that I have bested all twenty-five of these creatures, or my name isn't Manitoba Smith (not Daring Do!) That dreaded Ahuizotl ain't got no dirt on me after my travels! Careful around the frail Breezies, they're a mite twitchy. The three-headed bulldog from the underworld, Cerberus, can't shapeshift into the kinda mayhem a Changeling would cause! That roarin' bleatin' hissin' Chimera's gonna eat all ya pies, but not before a wild Cockatrice turns ya petrified. If that won't wet ya lips, how about a Cragadile from the Great Everfree or a Diamond Dog deep down underground? Then there's the one and only Discord of the Draconequus, the most terrifying, terrible, boot-tremblin' plural form you've ever seen! Dragons, Fruit bats, and Griffons have their mighty wings, but not all the same size. The Hydra ain't even worth a doozy, but how did reindeer antlers sprout out of a Jackalope? And if ya aren't satisfied just yet, I have the splintered Manticore and the assertive Minotaur! If you need to get your hooves off the ground, there's always the respawning Parasprites and the fire-spewing Phoenixes. And if you need somethin' a bit more wetter, snappin' Quarray eels and fabulous Serpents will certainly do the trick. Heads up, the Timberwolves are in amazing 3D! Don't let the minor fool you, because its mum is the Ursa major! Those Vampire bats will give you a fright, but not if the Windigoes freeze you first. If you found some other type of creature you like, not the previous twenty-five I just listed, then submit something Other in your votes!"

Which pony is up next? You decide!

The poll was created at 20:31 on March 15, 2014, and so far 21 people voted.

Yes, one of the Mane 6 will earn their own Pony Voting next time, but that's up to the poll. So, you can only vote in the comments! Vote for your top five favorite creatures. See you next time on Pony Voting 12, with a new guest star. This has been Meester Tweester, and good night Ponyville!

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