Heeeeyyyy, Ponyville! It's Meester Tweester! Tonight, you'll vote for your favorite CMC episodes, but we'll get to that later.  21 ponies voted in the seven-day time period, which is triple the amount last time (seven). Thank you to everypony who voted, so let's get down to business, but seriously, welcome to Pony Voting 2!

Pinkie Pie Monthiversary S02E13


Happy Year-iversary to Dashie2468! If you have a birthday in the next week, don't hesitate to post it along with your ballot. But “Happy Month-iversary” is a Season Two song, so we don’t need to spend any more time on that.

Also, I noticed a lot more voting blogs have been posted ever since Pony Voting 1, which is great! Go ahead, keep on doing that! It’s nice to see people following my footsteps. Except that I’m a tornado, so my footsteps are more of a trail of destruction... moving on!

If you want to scroll down very slowly to not reveal any spoilers too quickly, go ahead and do that. If you just want to find out which song won ASAP, that's fine, too. However fast or slow you scroll, please read the entire thing!

Last time all twelve of the Season 3 songs were up for voting:

Season 3 Songs:

Place your bets now, and absolutely no changing!

We got 96 votes last week from 21 voters. You were allowed to vote for your top five songs, but unfortunately, not everypony did that. So that’s an average of 4.57 votes (91.429% or A-), which is much more than the stinky 3.29 votes (65.714% or D) we got last time.

Every song got at least one vote, but it’s a shame that this song only got one. This song was the only one to have zero votes for a very long time, until a Wikia contributor voted for it two hours before voting closed! I still can’t believe how close that was. Anyway, the song with only one vote is…

One Vote:

There’s not much to say about this song; I believe it’s the shortest one this season, clocking up only 35 seconds. I know it’s supposed to be majestic and all, but what the heck are the Fluttershy/Rarity/Surprise hybrids, and how are they quadruplets? Plus, more than a third of the words were “behold” (13 out of 33). This was certainly the least memorable song of the Season 3, so it’s no surprise it finished dead last.

The next song had only two votes, which were Rosiesievers20 and WinxFlora21. EHAN almost voted for it, but later changed his vote to another one. The song with only two measly votes is:

Two Votes:

Yeah, if you’re going to reprise a song, don’t expect it to be much popular than the original. We bid farewell to the last song of the entire series thus far. We have a tie for three votes, both from separate episodes. If it wasn’t for Musical Myst- I mean Magical Mystery Cure, the season would’ve only had five songs. But thanks to that episode with a record seven, Season 3 has the highest song-to-episode ratio yet, at 12:13.

Yeah, we did get a tie for the songs with three votes. PinkAnxcie87, HurricaneKhoas, and WinxFlora21 (again!) voted for the first song, while EHAN’s changed vote, HurricaneKhoas (again!), and Gumballgugugaga voted for the second. The songs with three votes are…

Three Votes:

Ha-ha. The Failure Song failed. Scratch out what I said about reprises, because The Success Song did better. I don’t blame EHAN for his indecisiveness, the two songs were pretty much the same except for the setting, clothes, wing presence, and choreography. So if you listen through your headphone while your iPad is closed, you shouldn’t even tell the difference.

Since the number four is unlucky in China (“four” and “death” are practically homophones in Chinese), no songs got four votes! This song got five votes, even though five is kind of associated with “not” in Mandarin. It’s also kind of lucky since there are five elements: water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. This song did “not” fail, because it’s…

Five Votes:

See? Succeeding always does better than failing. But it succeeded not by much, because seven out of the twelve songs did better. Six votes, the Cantonese number  where it’s pronounced similarly to “dropping” or “falling”, belongs to…

Six Votes:

Whoa. All the Crystal Empire songs are out already, and we’re only at the half-way point! This is the first song ever since “I’m at the Grand Galloping Gala” to have a place mentioned in the name. That’s a 26-episode gap, more specifically, the entire second season. Three more songs did that this season, with “Raise This Barn” being the only one doing better. I voted for "TBotCE" because of the way it nicely moved the plot along, explaining many elements at once, but sadly this had the worst outcome of my top five.

We are now at the half way point! Six of the songs are out, while the other six are still in it to win it with at least seven votes, or exactly one-third of the voters. This is also more than Pony Voting 1's gold medalist (Derpy), who won with six votes. Congratulations to the following songs:

At Least Seven Votes:

Seven, seven, seven. Since seven is surely lucky, this song had seven votes:

Seven Votes:

No matter how low amounts of votes this song got, nor how many memes were made from it, this will always be the first MLP:FiM song in SPACE! Plus, Nicole Oliver/Celestia finally got a solo.

We're nearing in to the top five. Eight is lucky in China; no wonder the Beijing Olympics started on 08/08/08. If you think powers of two are lucky, like eight, sixteen, or 1,048,576, go ahead and cheer for this song. The song with eight votes is...  

Eight Votes:

  This might be the saddest song in the whole series. Did you shed a tear? Just look how sad Rarity is! Wait, you didn't? Shame on you, they worked hard to emotionally crumple you. If you did shed a tear, either you're an ice bag or a hardcore brony.   I have to really praise these final four songs. After just two days into the voting period, they pulled ahead into the lead and stayed that way. They kept on switching places until one finally pulled ahead to keep at least one vote ahead of the rest. To make me even happier, all of them were on my ballot!

I present you the top four songs of Season 3, with not nine, not ten, not sixty-three, but at least eleven votes. Up until now, the only skip in the number of votes was than unlucky number four. There was a two-way tie for second lace, which means all of these are getting a medal! One plus two plus three plus three plus five plus six plus seven plus eight equals 35. That leaves 61 out of the 96 votes left for the final four, nearly two-thirds! The quarterfinalists, with at least eleven votes, are as follows...

At Least 11 Votes (Quarterfinalist):

So, how many of your favorites are in the top four? Are you happy that the song you placed your bets on is a quarterfinalist? Or are you sad, because you think "Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle" was the best song since Michael Jackson's "Thriller"?

Anyways, as I said earlier, there was a two-way tie for the silver, so one song must snag the bronze medal. The song with exactly eleven votes is...

11 Votes (Bronze Medal):

Raise this barn, raise this barn, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. If you heard the song, you would get the joke. This song is pretty catchy, ignoring whatever the great Digibrony said about it. Ignoring the one unfortunately placed shot that showed a brown-coated mare shaking her plot into the camera, this song has a lot of creative camera angles and transitions that really shows off what FiM animators can do. Plus, half of the CMC get cameos. What more do you need in a song? Anyways, here's your bronze medal, Applejack. (fling medal)

Yes, yes, yes! This is the final three! Only one of them will receive a gold medal, while the other two score the silver. One plus two plus three plus three plus five plus six plus seven plus eight plus eleven equals 46, which leaves an clean 50 votes for the final three. Here are the final three:

The Final Three (Silver or Gold Medals):

(Octavia drum rolls on a timpani) And now... the moment you've all been waiting for... I, Meester Tweester, am proud to present the community polled most-voted-for song... the award of the best song of Season 3 is...

18 Votes (Gold Medal):

That's right, "What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me" is the fan-picked best song of Season 3 with 18 votes! Notice that there were only 21 votes, so all but three voted for this song. (I shall mention no names...) The icon for the song is so well-known that it might also be the best frame of Season 3! If you think this song was the best, congrats to you as well! Mane 6, here is your gold medal! (fling medal)

We can't forget our silver medalists, with 16 votes each:

16 Votes (Silver Medals):

"Babs Seed" is my personal favorite, especially the milkshake scene. Everypony loved that scene, admit it! CMC, here is your silver medal! (fling medal)

"A True, True Friend" is also pretty catchy; I'm surprised it didn't finish first. This song is the climax of the season, maybe even the climax of the entire series so far! Changing five cutie marks in a matter of minutes definitely deserves a silver medal. So here it is, Mane 6! (fling medal)

Oh yeah, if you get a gold medal, you get in the Hall of Fame!


So that wraps up this week's voting! As always, we won't leave you hanging without a poll to vote on. So for Pony Voting 3, you'll vote on all the Cutie Mark Crusader episodes:

Cutie Mark Crusader Episodes:

Rules: You get 4 votes for 4 episodes.

That's right, vote on your top four CMC episodes! I know it isn't five, but voting for all but three of the, doesn't seem right. Yes, I know they make brief appearances like at the end of "Call of the Cutie" as well as other episodes. It also doesn't count if it's just an Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle episode, they have to all be together (except for Babs Seed). Please vote On four of the episodes above, no more, no less.

Wrapping up, some ponies last time thought certain ponies should've won last time. To tell the truth (hi AJ!), Pony Voting 0 was just in the comments section of the Character page. Only seven ponies votes, and all of them were Wikia contributors if I remember correctly. I'm now confirming that we will vote on background ponies again, as "Pony Voting #: Retro Special- Background Ponies". the only problem is, I don't know when. I've narrowed it down to either Pony Voting 10, our six-month-iversary (PV26?), or once we reach 1,000 votes. We are currently at 122 votes, so get cracking! Tell me what you think with your ballot.

Doctor Whooves has a riddle for you silly fillies: what are the first and eight letters in this sequence?

__, T, T, F, F, S, S, __.

First one to answer correctly gets a special shout-out!

Now remember:

  • 1) Vote for your top four CMC episodes.
  • 2) Send a shout-out for any birthdays next week. (Tell me the date)
  • 3) When should the Retro Special happen?
  • 4) Take a crack at that riddle.

Please, please, please vote! The faster we get a ton of comments, the faster it gets onto the "Popular Blog Posts" bar, where everypony can see it! I really appreciate your support, and every single comment counts! Voting ends May 13th at midnight UTC time, so Pony Voting 3 will be up and running May 14th if everything goes well.

Here's the voting one last time:

Cutie Mark Crusader Episodes:

Rules: You get 4 votes for 4 episodes.

This has been Meester Tweester, and goodnight Ponyville!

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