Heeeeyyyy, Ponyville! It's me, Meester Tweester! Tonight, Pinkie Pie episodes are up for voting, but we'll get to that later.  20 ponies voted in the six-day time period, which more than last time, but just one away from tying the record! Thank you to everypony who voted, so let's get down to business, but seriously, welcome to Pony Voting 4, even if it's a couple days late.

It's shout-out time!

Pinkie Pie after shouting in megaphone S3E7

It's shout-out time!

As promised last time, a shout-out goes to Guildmaster Grovyle for answering the riddle correctly first. The riddle was to guess the object that you can find in all three of these locations have: a sandwich shop, a casino, and computer store. Many ponies guessed some good answers, but weren't the one I was looking for. Guildmaster Grovyle answered "chips", because sandwich shops have potato chips, casinos have poker chips, and computer stores have microchips. There are also wood chips and golf chipping, but those aren't mentioned as often. Nonetheless, if you have a birthday next week, post it along with your ballot to get a shout-out and a fictional piece of cake!

The amount of voting blogs have pretty much skyrocketed! I think somepony had an idea to do a poll after Pony Voting 1, then a third one did it, and then since everypony realized that everypony was doing it, Everypony did it! That's okay, I guess? I really don't want the wiki's blogs to be mostly voting, because I'd like to see some more creative ideas with your voting style, along with non-voting material. Even though taking a straight-up poll shows the results immediately, it doesn't have the same mark that Pony Voting leaves.

There's no need to write a follow-up blog with the results, since they're all right there. But with Pony Voting, you can slowly reveal the results and have a commentary between each one. Plus, the colorful galleries bring visual help. If you see an image and correspond it with a name, your brain automatically registers them both together as one. That way, you don't have to read the name, but quickly recognize it instead.

I went ahead and did a mini-gallery for Dragonfufu's Celestia vs. Luna blog (which Tia lost... URRGH!), but I seriously can't do that for every single blog! If you have any requests, post a comment along with your ballot, and I might get around to it. Once we hit 1,000 votes, I'll do the Retro: Background Characters for the voting along with a full behind-the-scenes tour on how to make a successful Pony Voting blog. We are currently at 274 votes, so get cranking!

Enough of all that ads, let's get to the results! Last time, 13 villains were up for voting:

FiM Villans:

We even have a crowd watching us today, recommended by the commenters!

FANMADE Pony Voting 4 RCs

We have a large crowd watching us today.

I have invited all of the villains here so they can react to their number of votes and collect their medals. And if the don't get medals, they'll be sent to the MOON!

Nightmare Moon: What? Not that infernal prison again!

Sunset Shimmer: I can't go to the moon; my movie hasn't released yet!

To bad, you deserved it for threatening Twilight Sparkle. We had 91 votes, which was an average of 4.55 votes per ballot, even though you could've voted five times! There was also a huge debate on who would get zero votes in the comment section. Well, surprise! Everypony got at least one vote!

Diamond Tiara: Yay! Bro-hoof, Spoony! (bro-hoof Silver Spoon)

I wouldn't get too excited. Both of you were the last ones to get their first votes. In fact, one of you is in last place, with their only vote coming from the sixth Wikia contributor!

One Vote:

And know to teleport the little brat to the MOON! (press button)

Silver Spoon: No! You've got to keep going, DeeTee! (teleport)

Shut up already! Next, with only two votes, from GabsterBabster's only vote and... hey, it's me! Oh well, another vote wasted.

Two Votes:

Sunset Shimmer, what can I say? Your trailer stirred up quite a commotion in the brony community. I guess humans are overrated. And know to teleport you to the MOON! (press button)

Sunset Shimmer: I should've won! I'm the only human here, and I look great! All of you are going down, I say! Down! (teleport)

Whatever. Up next, with three votes each is a four-way tie! And now to reveal who they're from!

Queen Chrysalis: Oh noi! Now he's gunna drone on and on abowt the votes! This es weally weally bad! I'm soh wowried dat my eaw dwums will buwrst!

Discord: Oh, quit your whining! Get some ear muffs or something. And stop impersonating Derpy, we all know who you are!

Queen Chrysalis: I'm not Qween Cwisawis! I'm Derpy!

Okay, here goes! The first candidate's votes are from PowerStar89, the third Wikia contributer, and an unpronounceable emoticon that looks like a smiling marshmallow with a heart. The second comes from Rin14100, my sister,and my brother! The third comes from Rin14100 again, Dragonfufu, and the second Wikia contributer. Finally, the fourth is from the third Wikia contributer again, Vengir, and Perfect Sige!

Discord: My ears are bleeding chocolate milk!

Flim: Then try are ultra-nifty Super Soaker, the super sponge that soaks all that pesky chocolate milk blood!

Parasprite: Peep! (licks chocolate milk blood) Peep peep-peep! (reproduces)

Garble: Ewww. Gross, man!

Flam: It comes in sixteen different color and even comes with its own sponge caddy that clips right onto the sink counter, but it's only available for the first five commenters!

Everybody, shush! The four candidates with three votes are:

Three Votes:

Garble: Huh? Why didn't all the manly voters vote for a manly dragon me?

Diamond Tiara: And why didn't all the girly voters vote for a girly pony like me?

Because you offended everypony with your gender stereotypes. Plus, both of you are super bossy!

Parasprite: Peep-peep peep! (swallows jewel) (reproduces)

Diamond Dogs: Find your own jewels, Parasprites!

Now to send you four to the MOON! (press button)

Triple voters: Noooo! (scream) (teleport)

If you made it this far, congrats! All of you got at least six votes. These seven are still in it to win it:

At Least Six Votes:

Trixie: Hey, Sombra! Want a mustache?

Queen Chrysalis: Twixie! You know dat King Sombwa's vocabuwary onwee has eh-weven wuds: yes, quistals, hart, my, swaves, that, is, mine, what, no and...

King Sombra: ...stop!

Queen Chrysalis: Exactwee! Thanks foh tewwing me da eh-weventh wud, King Sombwa!

Discord: I think he means that you should stop talking, Queen Chrysalis. We all know you're not Derpy!

Gilda: Yeah, shut it, Derpy! I mean Chrysalis! Uggh, you losers are confusing me!

Flam: Got an annoying griffon on your hands?

Flim: Then buy Griff-Away, the only spray bottle that takes care of those pesky eagle-lion hybrids!

Gilda: Griff-Away? I'll show you who's gonna be "away" if you don't shut your trap right now, you slick-tongued losers!

Nightmare Moon: I desire to take part in this scheme of thou, candy-cane maned brothers!

Flam: Great! That'll be 100 bits, please!

Nightmare Moon: What is this currency, "bits", thou speaketh of? Respond immediately or else the punishments will double!

Can we please get on with this already? This next candidate had so little screen time we don't even know his cutie mark. Maybe it's a set of stairs, he has quite a big obsession with them. Six votes says the next resident of the moon is:

Six Votes:

I wish we could order a set of stairs to the moon for you, King Sombra. But all we have is this button that teleports you to the MOON! (press button)

Flam: We actually do sell an endless set of stairs. But that'll cost 30,000 bits, Meester Tweester!

King Sombra: What? No... no! Stop! (teleport)

Queen Chrysalis: See, I tuld you he cud onwee say eh-weven wuds. Wight now, he used wuds nine thwough eh-weven!

Discord: Take off the Derpy disguise already!

Queen Chrysalis: I keep teh-wing you, I am Derpy!

We are now past the half-way point, where only six of you remain. Half of you will be sent to the moon, while the other three get to stay. This candidate managed to insult everypony in Ponyville, even Rainbow Dash! With seven votes, it's...

Seven Votes:

Gilda: Urrgh! Why didn't these lame-o ponies vote for me?

Queen Chrysalis: Hey! I find da wud "lame"offensive! I need tuh buy some of that Gwiff-Off fwom Fwim and Fwam.

Flim and Flam: Yeah!

Discord: Oh, what would you know, since you're obviously not Derpy! Just turn back to your normal form; you're not fooling anyone!

Gilda: "Fooling?" You're the fool, Discord!

It's been nice meeting you, Gilda. Not. Anyway, since you obviously don't have a medal, you get a one-way ticket to the MOON! (press button)

Gilda: You'll be getting a one-way ticket to pain, Meester Tweester! You're just, a big, fat- (teleport)

Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie really did not want to hear what that last word was going to be.

I know, right? We are almost finished now. Two more of you will be sent to the moon, while the other three get medals! Everypony here got at least eight votes. Anyway, here are the final five:

At Least Eight Votes:

Hey, everypony left only stars in three or less episodes. I guess they're that good. I really don't wan't all the villains bickering in between every single moon teleportation, so I'm going to get right to it! There was another tie, with each receiving nine votes. The final two moon inhabitants will be:

Nine Votes:

Well, maybe not two inhabitants. There'll be three, counting Flim and Flam as two separate ponies. Anway, time to send you three to the MOON! (press button)

Trixie: What? That can't be! Who are all the neigh-sayers in this crowd? The Great and Powerful Trixie must have done better that those other wanna-bes! (teleport)

Discord: Well, you should have seen this coming. Nopony appreciates your kooky show gimmicks! Same to you Flim and Flam.

Flim: Oh no!

Flam: We must escape using our official Flim Flam catapult! On the count of three-

Flim: One...

Flam: Two...

Flim: Th- (teleport)

Ha ha! Even better, now I own a free catapult! Maybe we could use that next time we have to eliminate some brat that didn't get a medal.

Queen Chrysalis: So we awl get meduls, an don't get sent too da moon?

Nightmare Moon: Huzzah! I am prevented from thou ghastly bodies of rock in space!

Congratulations! You are the final three! As a reward, you two will be awarded medals and get to stay on Earth!

Final three: Yes!

Final Three (At Least 10 Votes):

But all good things must come to an end, since one of you will finish third and miss out on the prestigious gold medal. One plus two plus three plus three plus three plus three plus six plus seven plus nine plus nine equals 46, which leaves 45 for our final three. That's an average of 15 votes per candidate, but there aren't any ties this time...

Queen Chrysalis: Finawee!

Discord: Yeah! that means only one of you will snag the bronze medal. With only 13 votes, it's:

13 Votes (Bronze Medal):

Thanks for coming here, Nightmare Moon. Glad you're not returning to your natural habitat? Anyway, here's your bronze medal! (fling medal)

Nightmare Moon: Huzzah! The fun has been doubled!

Queen Chrysalis: Give itt a west alweady! Dat meeme is waaaaay too ovah-used.

Discord: Speak to yourself! You're they one using Derpy as a disguise.

Now, to figure out how to get rid of this Moon Teleportaion System (MTS).

Queen Chrysalis: Ooh! Ooh! I know! I'll jest use my Fwim Fwam Moon Tewepoortashun Sestem Destwoyer (FFMTSD)!

Discord: You mean a regular hammer?

Wait, no! Don't press that button, Derpy! I mean Chrysalis! I mean Derpy! Urrgh! (hammer presses button)

Nightmare Moon: Not stare at what you feeble-minded simpletons have done! Don't teleport me for the second time! NOOO- (teleport)

Discord: Derpy, you idiot! You just sent Nightmare to the moon again! Wait, I mean Chrysalis! Urrgh!

Well, that's unfourtunate. One plus two plus three plus three plus three plus three plus six plus seven plus nine plus nine plus thirteen equals 59, which leaves 32 for our finalists. That's an average of 16 votes per candidate, so whoever gets more than 16 votes will be awarded the gold medal!

Final Two (At Least 14 Votes):

Our your bets still on one of these two? Or did you switch? You ponies always seem to do switch, but that takes the fun out of everything!

(Octavia drum rolls on a timpani)

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for... I, Meester Tweester, am proud to present the community polled most-voted-for character... the award of the best Friendship is Magic villain is...


Discord and Derpy: What? Hey!

17 Votes (Gold Medal):

15 Votes (Silver Medal):


That's right! I'm really Queen Chrysalis! And with these two precious medals to power my Changelings, they can take overall of Equestria! A whole other dozen of villains can't stop me now, since I teleported them to the moon under my disguise of Meester Tweester! Try to find the host of Pony Voting now, Disord and Derpy! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (storms out of the Pony Voting auditorium)

Discord: Great, now what do we do, Derpy?

Derpy: I thingk you owe me a apowogy furst...

Discord: (sigh) I'm sorry of accusing you as a villain, Derpy. The truth is, I'm not really a villain either, ever since Fluttershy reformed me. Do you think helping me host the show until the real Meester Tweester gets back would be a good enough apology?

Derpy: Shure! But furst, you need tuh tell da audiense the riddle and what they need tuh vote on.

Discord: Uh, okay? Let's see, what's a good riddle? I'm too lazy to think up of a hard one.

Who founded Frienship is Magic Wiki?

Discord: Whoever guesses correctly will expect special shout-out in Pony Voting 5!

Derpy: But wat if the votehs want to wecommend something?

Discord: A new blog entitled "Pony Voting Recommendations" will be devoted entirely for recommending characters for the audience, shout-out requests, and suggestions for next Pony Voting candidates. That means this comment section should only be used for ballots and riddles. The new blog should be posted immediately after Pony Voting 4 is released on User blog:Meester Tweester.

Derpy: Shweet! So who's uhp for votting? Meestah Tweestah's agenduh sez "Pinkie Pie Epuhsodes".

Discord: Since I'm Discord, the ruler of chaos, and Meester Tweester's nowhere in sight, I'll say that all of Pinkie Pie's songs will be the candidates instead. You can only vote five times.

Pinkie Pie Songs

Rules: You get five votes for five songs. Meester Tweester owns the right to mention your user by name, however, if you would like to be anonymous, please tell us in your ballot. The typo'd title was pointed out by Vengir.

Discord: Please, please, please vote! The faster we get a ton of comments, the faster it gets onto the "Popular Blog Posts" bar, where everypony can see it! I really appreciate your support, and every single comment counts! Voting ends May 30th at 4:00pm UTC time, since we need the extra eight hours to look for Meester Tweester. So, Pony Voting 5 will be up and running May 31th if everything goes well. This has been Discord, and goodnight Ponyville!

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