Heeeeyyyy, everybody! It's Meester Tweester! Tonight Canon Relationships are up for voting because it's Valentine's Day!  Aren't you surpised to see another Pony Voting? Other than the Special New Year's Day edition, it's been 196 days since we've seen the last installment. My excuse? Um, i took a very long nap. That, and my laziness. Hrrrmph.

To celebrate Valentine's Day and my 2,000th edit, Pony Voting will be updated weekly again! Let me explain: if you were fooling aroung in the blog section of this wiki the spring and summer of 2013, you'd likely find Pony Voting, a series hosted by me, collecting votes on a certain topic then awarding the competitors in ascending order, and the top three presented bronze, silver, and gold medals. I intended the Pony Voting series to be weekly. Unfortunately, the fame went to my head and I added so many features to the series intended to boost the popularity even more, but instead made it impossible to present in a week. Though I enjoyed it, the workload of just one issue was daunting, so it... kinda... faded away.

However, on New Years' Day, I ran a special edition of Pony Voting stripped clean from all the extra rubbish. I guess you could call it a "test run." It was finished in a day, worked well, so I decided to revive my beloved series. Valentine's Day seemed like a good place to start anew, so here I am! Let the voting continue!

Since trying to represent every fan shipping the brony community has to offer would be infinitely impossible and cause major discussions nopony cares a flying feather for in the comments, vote in the polls for the best canon relationship! Married ponies technically count as a relationship, but the Mane 6's parents only appear in few scenes and don't have any romantic tension, so they didn't make the cut. You can also follow the traditional voting method by voting for your personal top three canon relationships in the comments! The poor Guilmaster cries "what is the question?" What's the criteria? What's defined as the "best"? That's kind of up to you to decide. Cutest couple, most gripping romantic drama, plot coherence, it's up to you to vote. This has been Meester Tweester saying see you next weekend and goodnight Ponyville!

Canon Relationships:
Pony Voting 8- Canon Relationships

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