Heeeeyyyy, Ponyville! It's Meester Tweester! This blog is going to be for all the recommendations of the popular Pony Voting series that I host. There are exactly three things you can comment on:

1. Recommend a Character

Do you want your OC to appear in Pony Voting? All I need is the name of OC, and then they'll appear sitting in the audience of the Hasbro Studio Auditorium, the place where Pony Voting is recorded. They will be drawn using the Pony Creator software on deviantArt, the program where my ponified OC and many of your OCs were drawn. If your OC is not a pony (like my tornado), then it
FANMADE Pony Voting 4 RCs

We have a large crowd watching us today.

will be either hand-drawn or crappily drawn on the hideous Microsoft Paint. If you also want to recommend an existing character in the series, you can add an adjective at the front. Some examples would be "Messy green Fluttershy" or "Stallion Applejack" or "Vampire Celestia". Go ahead and be creative!

Here is Pony Voting 4's recommended characters as another example:

2. Send a Shout-out

Trixie shouting in victory S3E5


If you have a birthday or an anniversary of a special event, send a shout-out! Your name and event will appear in the shout-out section of the next Pony Voting blog, along with the riddle winner.

3. Suggest a Feature

If you have a neat idea for what everypony should vote on, more specifically a candidate, tell me now! But I have to warn you that I have a long list of ideas waiting to be featured, but I know you guys can think up of some better ones!

If you have an idea for anything else, like a new mechanic, a funny joke, or a puzzling riddle, don't hesitate to tell me that as well!

Meester Tweester pony

Magiclove's recently drawn fanart of me!

Don't forget to comment to...

  • 1. Recommend a character
  • 2. Send a Shout-out
  • 3. Suggest a Feature

I guess that wraps things up for tonight. This has been Meester Tweester, and goodnight Ponyville!