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By "the writers", I mean us.

The rules are simple:

1. Everypony writes one paragraph.

2. Your limit is 250 words.

3. You cannot write another paragraph until at least one other paragraph has been written.

4. We do not need clopfics or grimdarks, clean fanfics are fine as they are.

5. I will write the closing paragraph on May 21st.

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List of Writers:

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  • GabsterBabster

Proficiency by Word Count:

  • Meester Tweester -184 words
  • GabsterBabster -143
  • HurricaneKhaos -102

Rainbow Package

Rainbow Dash was groggy from Pinkie's party last night. Either she drank too much punch or took that dare from applejack too hard. She rose from her cloudy grave when a knock was heard on her door. That could only mean that the loopy, clumsy mailmare was here. Opening the door, she realized things were very different! Instead of a dull grey coated mailmare, a tall, sturdy stallion with a dreamy blue cover stood before her. Before she could even ask the replacement for his name, he was gone, leaving her alone with a strangely wrapped package. Rainbow Dash trotted into her cloudy home to cut it open, when she immediately dropped it in shock. A ten-step list of instructions was pasted on the side, but her attention shifted over to the label on top. The name scrawled on the label had reminded her of tragic events back in Flight School. Was it a remorseful apology or a persistent threat destined to loom behind her forever? The answer was soon come clear, as the scissors has swung down to cut the package open.

Rainbow Dash looked inside the package, and found a piece of paper inside of it. She read the paper very hoarsely, and this is what she saw on the paper:

Dear Rainbow Dash,

Come to where Flight Camp used to be at 3:00 PM today. Come, or face the consequences.


                                                    Hoops and his gang

  At 3:00 PM, she saw Hoops and his gang with Twilight Sparkle tied onto a pole. "Why is Twilight here?" asked Rainbow. "You didn't read the P.S.?" asked Hoops. He held up the message. The P.S. said:

It's a race, whoever wins gets Twi.

Rainbow facehoofed. "And thats not all," said Hoops "All your enemys are here! The rules are simp-" "First, how did you get Twilight up here?" Asked Rainbow. One of Hoops' members pushed Rainbow into a chair. A movie played. Twilight and Spike was sleeping. Hoops and a member snuck into her house. As she heard footsteps, Twilight woke up. She levitated a flashlight. The batteries ran out. As Twilight looked for some new ones, Hoops smaked her with a magical frying pan and said "Keep down until RD wins race." . Then they carried her to Cloudstale.


When Applejack came to the party and read the letter, she knew something was wrong. She had read other letters from the same ponies, and then pieced all of the letters together to find out what was going to happen to Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.