I really don't like it when arguments start, especially if it's arguments that look angry. You know what I don't like more? Arguments started on posts I created. It makes me feel so bad, makes me wanna delete the whole post; except there's no delete buttons here. I dunno why though. If I wanted to hear arguing I would've just watched the election. I know we all have disagrees, and for the sake of the friendships I made on these sites, I make compromises. Yes... yes I do. I do make compromises. Imperfect asks me to do something or stop doing something, I don't do it because he's admin. I do it from the goodness of my heart. He's a good friend. He's very respectful, and not all admins are like that. We're lucky to have him. Not just him though, many of the other admins of this site too like Ran, and the rest... I forgot the names of. XD

We're a community aren't we? We're all here for one common purpose: to enjoy a series we all seem to love, and we want to spread all we know to the world. This site is here so we can all work together to help the people who are new to the show, or need some info on something about the show they're not 100% sure of. I'm glad we're all here, and I'm glad we all get along so well! Don't hold back, if there's something bothering me, please, talk it out. I'm sure there are loads of other people like me who are making huge compromises. Like I ain't talking about this one individual for the rest of the week. It's all about Merry May, my story, and the fact that I predicted loads of season six already. Nobody's complaining about those yet. :3