Crystal Iceblast: Hi! I'm Crystal Iceblast!

Blaze Goldheart: I'm Blaze Goldheart!

Aquatic Armor: Aquatic Armor.

Red Engineer: Red Engineer in the house, yo!

Psyche Illusion: And I'm Psy-

Flare Gun: And I'm Flare Gun! Welcome to our Q&A!

Aquatic Armor: We got a very interesting session for ya today.

Red Engineer: Yeah since we keep seein' our pony friends doin' Q&A on this ridiculous website. We decided to do some too.

Aquatic Armor: Really, Engie? A ridiculous website?

Red Engineer: Well of course! Just look at all these pages! They have comments! What happened to the discussion pages? They were much better! Not to mention callin' Bon Bon "Sweetie Drops", or Berry Punch "Berryshine", ah mean, come ooooooon! Anythin' related to wikis is nothin' but lies!

Psyche Illusion: I second that. Never can rely on the internet these days, can you?

Blaze Goldheart: Anyways, everypony! We're here to answer all your fan-questions! Now I know you don't really know us well, but we're here in Equestria, and we're ponies. Is that all that matters?

Crystal Iceblast: Pfffft! Calling yourself a pony. You're... you're hilarious, Blaze! You are hilarious.

Blaze Goldheart: -sighs-

Flare Gun: Well brahs, prepare to feel dat Mareami heat, and make yourself at home because we have answers! All we need is questions and BOOM... answers be summoned! Ask anything! Whether it's stupid, smart, slow, fast, anything related to the Game of Life, you got something? We have something in return! Ask away! Crystal, put that hatchet away.

Crystal Iceblast: Awww... never let me have any fun with my ridiculous puns and psycho mind.

Flare Gun: Just be careful asking Psyche questions. He could be a little... slow.

Psyche Illusion: Ok... yeah, that makes perfect sense. Being the only one with the PH.D here, I'm the dumb one. Yep, you're absolutely right, Flare.

Flare Gun: I'm glad we've reached an agreement, brah! Best leave the arguing to the politics.