Well I gave you my ideas for episodes for the second half of the season and I also did some Friends Forever ideas, now I have some ideas for Chapter books, like ones for GM Berrow to write! Of course she can't see this, and I don't want her to, cause it'll just ruin the chances of them existing. Why bother freaking out about that? None of the show staff hang around here, except I did see that one snapshot that Nick did in the comment section of a page.

But enough of that! How about some chapter book ideas!

The Crusaders Collection

Apple Bloom and the Country Bears

"When Applejack receives four free tickets to see the Country Bears band perform in Los Pegasus, she and her family find out that they're not the same band as they were when they were younger. During a backstage meet with the Country Bear ponies, Apple Bloom discovers they're only in it for money and not the music, so she must find a way to remind the Bears of what got them to become a band in the first place."

Sweetie Belle and the Free Form Jazz

"When Sweetie Belle goes with Rarity to Canterlot to check up on her boutique, they find out that there have been some mysterious thievery going around in town. When somepony eventually steals from Rarity's boutique, Sweetie Belle chases down the mysterious thief, she finds out that he and his friends were only doing it because they're desperate, and think they have no other talents that can give them a fair living. Sweetie Belle tries to encourage them otherwise."

Scootaloo and the Rocking New Kid

"An exchange student from the slums of Manehattan moves to Ponyville, and starts to cause trouble with the other kids, and property. Scootaloo tries to find out why he's acting like this, in hopes to solving his main problem in life and to get him to stop."

Babs Seed and the Techno Fashion Trend

"When visiting Ponyville to see her crusader friends, Babs Seed tells them about her adventures with her Manehattan branch of the CMCs before she received her cutie mark; about how she got into what she loves to do, and how much she and her friends put up with to get this far."

Each of these stories has something to do with cutie marks in the end, and different ways on how they can affect others' lives.

Additions to the Main Book Series

Spike and the New Leaf

"When Spike realizes that he's not going anywhere in life by just being Twilight's assistant forever, he decides to journey out in Equestria to find his true purpose in life; and for once in his life, to be the one who makes his decisions instead of just being the assistant or following the leader."

Spitfire and the History of the Wonderbolts

"When Rainbow Dash persuades Spitfire to visit the Ponyville Schoolhouse, the pair teach the students all about the history of The Wonderbolts - detailed scenario on how they were formed, what situations they had to get to go through, and even the story on Spitfire's time as a cadet."

Cheerilee and the Wild Side

"After getting overworked and over-stressed by her job as a teacher, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to help Cheerilee have some fun for once in her life; but when things don't seem work to out, they decide to try to unleash her inner past."

This all I got for now. I may or may not add more later. Hopefully Berrow will finally make some stories for each of these characters. Any of you have any ideas?