Just got finished with Applejack episodes, Rarity episodes, Pinkie episodes, Rainbow episodes, Fluttershy episodes, Discord episodes, and then Spike episodes, so now it's time for the CMCs! Now just like before, I would like to see your ideas too!

  • The Seed of Truth – When the Cutie Mark Crusaders travel to Manehattan to visit fellow crusader Babs Seed, they find out she hasn’t been hanging with her crusader branch friends anymore after she got her cutie mark.
  • Diamond in the Rough – When Filthy Rich and Spoiled Rich wouldn’t stop arguing, Diamond Tiara decides to run away from home and move in with Apple Bloom at Sweet Apple Acres.
  • One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest – When Scootaloo becomes depressed fearing that she’ll never be able to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for Junior Speedsters Flight Camp and they meet another flightless pegasus.
  • Daughter From Another Mother – When Scootaloo spends way too much time with Rainbow Dash’s parents, Rainbow Dash starts to get jealous.
  • Crush Depth – On Hearts and Hooves Day, after Spike finally decides to ask Rarity out, she hesitatingly declines it. After seeing Spike get rejected, Sweetie Belle decides to take her place out of pity.
  • Roasted Sister – When Sweetie Belle decides to sign up for Equestria Idol, Rarity becomes worried that her sister would become roasted by the judges, so she decides to cheat by having Starlight take control of the judges.
  • Cutie Mark Industries – After the Cutie Mark Crusaders haven’t been able to give cutie mark help in a long time, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon decide to advertise them nation-wide, but after it becomes too effective, the crusaders begin to get tired out.
  • The Destiny Delegates – During a visit at Canterlot, the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet a group of foals called the Destiny Delegates who solve cutie mark problems just like the crusaders; but it turns out to be an unfriendly computation when the Destiny Delegates believe the crusaders stole their ideas.
  • Quarter-Life Crisis – When Cheerilee never has time to have any fun, the Cutie Mark Crusaders give her a potion from Zecora to help Cheerilee let out her inner fun. However, the crusaders didn’t realize it would stop her from doing her job.
  • Selling Out – When Cheerilee thinks about selling the Ponyville Schoolhouse to Filthy Rich to turn it into a bigger school, her students start up a campaign to save the school.
  • Run Away Balloon – When Pinkie Pie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders get trapped on a balloon ride, they each thing of possible scenarios of what might happen to them.
  • Leg Up – When the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally cause Spike to get a broken leg without him knowing it was them, the crusaders decide to tend to his every request in hopes he doesn’t find out.
  • Story of My Life – When the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that Featherweight has written books in his spare time, they persuade him to release his product to the public, but Featherweight refuses as he believes ponies won’t like them, or that they might steal from him.
  • From the Beginning – Cheerilee’s class puts on a play to reenact the time the Mane Six defeated Nightmare Moon. Diamond Tiara as Twilight, Apple Bloom as Applejack, Sweetie Belle as Rarity, Scootaloo as Rainbow Dash, Silver Spoon as Pinkie, Snips as Spike

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