Just got finished with Applejack episodes, Rarity episodes, Pinkie episodes, Rainbow episodes, and then Fluttershy episodes, so now we're ready to do some Discord episodes! :D I was gonna do Spike next, but Iunno if I'm ready to post his yet, so we'll do Discord first! Now just like before, I would like to see your ideas too!

  • Fluttershy and Her Brothers – After Discord and Fluttershy’s brother Zephyr Breeze meet for the first time, they instantly hit it off, but much to Fluttershy’s ignorance, she doesn’t notice them causing double the trouble they usually cause out in Ponyville.
  • My Friend the Draconequus – When Discord finds out he’s not the only Draconequus in Equestria, he must choose between having a new chaotic friend, or use Fluttershy’s teachings to have him use his magic for good.
  • Help Me Discord – When none of Discord’s friends ever let him help them, he decides to never accept help from them again.
  • Against the World – When Starlight and Discord are sent by the Cutie Map to Tartarus, they have to rekindle the friendship between two prisoners who blame the other for the reason they were arrested.
  • Discord, Great and Powerful - When Trixie refuses to hire Discord as her magician's assistant, Discord decides to make his own magic show, which becomes more popular than Trixie's show.